Robot Chicken crew draws new series

It's good to be Seth Green, reeeeal good. The former Buffy the Vampire Slayer player is beginning to look a lot like another Seth--MacFarlane of Family Guy (of which Green is a cast member). Green is one of the co-creators of the popular stop-motion comedy series Robot Chicken, and he's about to add another to his credits.

Adult Swim is picking up nine episodes of Titan Maximum, a new comedy series from three-piece Chicken producers Green, Tom Root, and Matthew Senreich, says The Hollywood Reporter.

The stop-animation show will follow a group of young space pilots whose vehicles come together to form a giant robot ala Voltron, the popular children's cartoon of the 1980s. But here's where the chuckles come in: when one of the members goes rogue, the others join together to stop him. I picture a giant robot missing a leg doing battle with said evil appendage. Green will voice the show's villain and Breckin Meyer will be the voice of the giant robot. Rachel Leigh Cook will also provide her voice in another role.

"There were always teams of extraordinary young people with the fate of the universe in their hands," Root told The Hollywood Reporter. "In reality, that would end terribly. The last thing you want when giant monsters attack is a bunch of teenagers in charge of defending you. Titan Maximum is about what would really happen if a team of idiot kids was in charge of a 6-story-tall robot."

And that happening, whatever it may be, may look a little like this clip from Robot Chicken.

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