Romijn becomes Ugly

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Rebecca Romijn, who starred as the blue-skinned shape-shifting villainess Mystique in the X-Men films, will morph into a recurring role on the ABC series Ugly Betty.

Romijn will play the mysterious woman who, along with Wilhelmina (Vanessa Williams), plots to take over the publishing company that owns Mode, the fictional fashion magazine at which the title character Betty works. To date the mystery woman has only been seen through bandages, and she has been voiced by a different actress.

Romijn will step into the role this week, with the episodes airing during the February sweeps period.

Last season, Romijn starred in the short-lived WB comedy Pepper Dennis. The show, about a sassy and beautiful news reporter, fared poorly in the ratings and did not make the jump when The WB and UPN combined to form The CW.

Produced by Salam Hayek, Ugly Betty is the second-highest rated freshman show of the season, after NBC's Heroes. Based on a Colombian telenovela that has already been translated into 30 languages, Ugly Betty earns an average 13 million weekly viewers.