Running Wilde Gets Yanked From Fox's Schedule

... As if (potentially) being pushed aside for Christian Slater isn't enough, Running Wilde is now being pulled during sweeps to make room for... Raising Hope reruns. That's gotta hurt. [THR]

... ABC has awarded Castle with two more episodes, which brings the show's season total to 24. More Nathan Fillion is always a good thing. [EW]

... Darren Criss' dreamy a capella version of Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" from Tuesday's episode of Glee could be the show's most popular single to date. It's virtually flying off the iTunes shelves! [THR]

... The ratings for Conan continue to decline as viewers' curiosity wanes, but not all is lost: Coco's numbers are still very respectable. [Deadline]

... NBC is trying to convince Friday Night Lights actress Connie Britton to get in on The Event. If all goes as planned, she'll play a senator's wife who tries to take over her husband's seat when he dies. That doesn't sound very Tami Taylor-like, now does it? [Deadline]

... FOX is developing a sitcom based on the former grocery store rag Weekly World News. How they're going to create a show around a tabloid is beyond me, but stranger things have happened. [Variety]

... Daily Show alum and former Bernie Mac Show executive producer Larry Wilmore is developing a new sitcom about a family who becomes the subject of a documentary. He is aware of Modern Family, right? [THR]

... Time for some casting news: Amy Pietz is going to star on a new ABC Family show called Nine Lives, Dexter actress Courtney Ford is headed to True Blood to play Andy Bellefleur's sister, and Hung's Alanna Ubach is going to woo Ray Romano on Men of a Certain Age. [Deadline, Deadline, and EW]

... This season is the most-watched NFL season ever. I am completely not surprised by this news, because with TVs, smart phones, DVRs, and the internet, it's kind of hard not to watch something that's on all the time. [Washington Post]

... It turns out that Glee might scale back the plans for its post-Super Bowl episode. This disappoints me greatly. Ryan Murphy needs to just get the Michael Jackson episode out of the way! [Movieline]

... BBC's The Misfits might soon be ruined remade for American TV. Can't anyone come up with an original idea anymore? BBC News]

... BRAVO's Work of Art was renewed for a second season. Sarah Jessica Parker is still employed! []

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