Runway creators turn eye toward star coddling

In fashion, you're either in or your're out. In pampering bigwigs, you're either ignored or yelled at.

Jane Lipsitz and Dan Cutforth, whose Magical Elves production house is behind Bravo's hit Project Runway, are teaming with elite private club and concierge service Quintessentially on two new reality series. The shows would follow the staff of the power-person placaters as they attempt to meet the special requests of their clients.

Quintessentially is a firm hired by the rich and famous to take care of special needs like getting show tickets, yacht reservations, and bizarre animals for parties. Elves believes that viewers will want to see rich people pay to get pampered, and possibly blow a stack or two if there are foul-ups.

"We are always drawn to colorful stories and characters in our series," Lipsitz said in a statement. "The world of Quintessentially's business offers a unique perspective on the current cultural obsession with the luxury lifestyle and a rich environment for compelling storytelling."

In addition to Project Runway, Elves has been behind a slew of memorable reality shows. Current NBC summer shows Last Comic Standing and Treasure Hunters, and Bravo's Top Chef and Project Greenlight, are all the work of Elves.

Runway, in which show boss Heidi Klum tells contestants each week, "In fashion, you're either in, or you're out," has enjoyed series-high ratings in its third season. Last week's episode was the hightest-rated show ever for Bravo, watched by 3.4 million people.

The network also announced it is making content available on Amp'd Mobile beginning August 9. Amp'd Mobile users will be able to get "Bravo To GO" with episodes of Queer Eye, Inside the Actor's Studio, Runway, and others.

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