Rush is the pride of TEN's pack

When Rush returns for its second season next month, it does so as Channel TEN's favourite drama. Unlike Seven and Nine, TEN has had a tough time sustaining local drama series. Neighbours may be hanging on but Out of the Blue, which was produced for the UK market, didn't get much chance to build an audience when it was screened late nights over summer.

Aside from these, it's only been a few telemovies and miniseries that have kept TEN from missing its required local drama quotas. It was desperate to establish a successful series, and Rush fits the brief perfectly. The show was actually first rejected after its pilot, based on a reworked script of Police Rescue, but when the US writer's strike hit and product began to dry up, TEN went back to its cupboard and ordered a new pilot. Lucky it did.

Rush will have its second season in a brand new timeslot of 8:30pm Thursdays from July 16th.

TEN has consciously moved the show away from Tuesdays where it was getting thumped by Seven. On Thursdays it will have a fighting chance given it's a night of light pickings. While it may not have worked for The Strip last year, it wasn't the timeslot that was the problem. Sea Patrol also launched its first season on Thursdays.

Rush also wins a much longer season this year, in recognition of a critically-acclaimed first season. It's already been sold to the Middle East, France, Norway, Finland, Ireland and New Zealand.

Joining the cast is former All Saints star Jolene Anderson, as specialist negotiator senior constable Shannon Henry. In the first episode, she helps Lawson (Rodger Corser) deal with a disgruntled salesman who has stolen a forklift with his boss trapped in a car mounted high on its forks.

Meanwhile, Josh and Dom race to free an injured security guard tied to an explosive device in a container terminal. Former Neighbours actor Patrick Harvey also features in this first episode.

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Can't wait for season two of Rush to start! Hope it gets good ratings too.
Great to hear Rush is coming back to our screens. Given the first season was probably the best Aussie cop drama in years, I have high expectations of the upcoming season. Hopefully the numbers on Thursdays would reflect that!
Ten need to give more of a chance to some of their other shows before playing them at midnight.

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