Rush returns in 2011

Network TEN has announced that its popular police drama, Rush, will return for a fourth season in 2011.

Starring Rodger Corser, Catherine McClements, Callan Mulvey, Samuel Johnson and Ashley Zukerman, the series follows the Police Tactical Response team in Melbourne.

The 13-part season, which begins filming in mid-2011, will continue to offer viewers dangerous stunts and the gripping story lines they are used to, such as car-jackings, suicides and armed robberies.

John Edwards, who produces Rush at Southern Star, added, "A 13-part miniseries gives us the chance to tell a much bigger story across the season, to stretch our characters and open them up to a wider world. It's very exciting."

The news offers a bit of relief for Australian television production, which comes hot on the heels of Seven's decision to cancel City Homicide, Channel Nine sinking Sea Patrol and TEN backing out of plans for its new talent show Don't Stop Believing.

Rush airs 8:30pm Thursdays on TEN.

How do you feel about a fourth season of Rush?

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Nov 15, 2010
can't wait! :)

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