Sacha: Fans think I'm dating Brooke

On the soap, the actresses' characters Sian Powers and Sophie Webster have been seen sharing a kiss and embarking on a lesbian relationship.

Sacha, who plays Sian, told This Morning: "I have had a few people who've spoken to me in the street and they've said, 'So, erm, did you really have to kiss Sophie?'. I go, 'Yeah' and they go, 'So are you going out in real life?'. I'm like, 'No, it's acting'. Sometimes you have to try to explain that, but most people get it."

The actress said she has not been at work since filming the pair's last kiss, so she doesn't know what is to unfold for the couple.

"I'm not back in work until May 12 and I've not had any scripts. [But] it's Corrie and nothing ever goes smoothly!" she added.

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