Sackhoff back on Bionic

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Sci-fi fans gearing up for the fall television season have their eyes on a few shows, among them NBC's remake of Bionic Woman. The drama is being produced by David Eick--who also produces the Sci Fi Channel hit Battlestar Galactica--and features a familiar face in the pilot.

Katee Sackhoff, who plays Starbuck on BSG, had a prominent role in the series' first episode as Bionic Woman 1.0 to star Michelle Ryan's Bionic Woman 2.0. It's a departure for Sackhoff, who goes from playing the fan-favorite Starbuck to acting as the super-strong antagonist to Ryan's lead.

However, Sackhoff wasn't signed on as a regular on the series and deals to bring her on as a recurring character weren't to her liking, reports The Hollywood Reporter. When Sackhoff failed to appear for a Bionic Woman panel at the Television Critics Awards press tour, some assumed the rift had widened. NBC said her absence was due to "scheduling conflicts."

In the end, cooler heads prevailed and NBC was able to ink a deal with Sackhoff, giving her a recurring role on the show. In fact, The Hollywood Reporter says that the deal was only reached yesterday evening.

In other Bionic news, the role of Jaime Sommers'--the Bionic Woman--sister Becca has been recast. Originally played by Mae Whitman (the Bible-thumping Ann on Arrested Development), the role now goes to Lucy Hale (The O.C., How I Met Your Mother). Becca, through the miracle of script-doctoring, will also no longer be deaf and will be trained in the art of computer hacking, an essential asset for any show to help relieve writers' block.

Bionic Woman makes its debut on September 26 at 9 p.m. For more information on the show, read's previous coverage.

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