Sarah Murdoch 'breaks silence' on Top Model finale fail

Ever at the crux of the political and social landscapes of Australia, A Current Affair will host an "exclusive" interview with Sarah Murdoch, host of Australia's Next Top Model, to get to the bottom of the earth-shattering news of a voting blunder.

A Current Affair's report won't be on the recent Australian national election or in the battle for succession in North Korea, but in the shocking voting blunder on last night's Australia's Next Top Model final.

In one of the most ridiculous talent show mess-ups of recent years, finalist Kelsey Martinovich was momentarily crowned model queen, before having it snatched away by an apologetic Murdoch and given to fellow contestant Amanda Ware.

See a clip of the *shocking* moment below:

A true mess-up or convenient publicity hunt? We wait with bated breath.

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Sep 29, 2010
weird that is mistake