Sarah Murdoch not returning as AusNTM host

Sarah Murdoch won't be returning to host Australia's Next Top Model (AusNTM) in 2012.

After famously declaring the wrong winner during her debut season on the pay-TV reality series, it must have taken guts for the model and wife of Lachlan Murdoch to return to the show this year.

However, Foxtel announced on Monday that Murdoch is stepping aside from her role as host and co-executive producer of the top-rating show after just two cycles.

"Sarah has made a remarkable contribution to Australia's Next Top Model, and was instrumental in propelling the program to its most successful season ever, in 2011," said Brian Walsh, Foxtel's Executive Director of Television.

"We would like to thank Sarah for her passion, commitment and incredible support of the series. Naturally, we are disappointed to lose her, but the show goes on."

Murdoch thanked Walsh for his guidance during her time filming the series.

"It has been an incredible opportunity to work on a show as exciting and popular as Australia's Next Top Model," she said.

"Leaving the show has been a very difficult decision for me. Being entrusted to work on all aspects as host and co-executive producer has been a huge experience, and I have enjoyed it so much."

In 2010, Murdoch announced the AusNTM winner as Kelsey Martinovich, when it was actually Amanda Ware who had won the prize, with the blunder blamed on a behind-the-scenes mix-up during the live voting.

Murdoch announced Montana Cox as this year's AusNTM winner.

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Dec 15, 2011
who will host the next ssn?

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