Satisfy Your Zombie Lust with Dead Set

Look, we're all understandably amped up over the world premiere (if you don't count Internet piracy) of AMC's The Walking Dead. It's a TV show about zombies and no one in their right mind doesn't love zombies.

But we have to wait all the way until Sunday for the first episode, and frankly, with all the Halloween decorations popping up around the neighborhood, that wait is simply torture. Thankfully there's a show that should quench our thirst for brain-munching: Dead Set.

IFC is running the five-part series starting tonight (the series originally premiered in the UK in 2008), and anyone with a love of zombie apocalypses and watching reality TV stars freak the F out should tune in.

Here's the very basic summary: A season of Big Brother is filming its dimwitted contestants like normal when guess what? The undead begin to walk the streets and cause mayhem, unbeknownst to the reality stars inside. Campy hilarity, blood-letting ensue. But make no mistake, this series has its genuinely terrifying moments.

Here's a fan-made trailer for the program since the official ones don't allow embedding (boo!). Slight spoilers warning!

Dead Set airs on IFC for five consecutive nights starting tonight at 9pm PT/midnight ET. (check your local listings for times).

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