Saying Goodbye to Desperate Housewives: What'd You Think of the Series Finale?

Well, it's over. After eight seasons (and a shockingly high death rate considering the suburban setting), Desperate Housewives aired its series finale last night, wrapping things up fairy-tale-style with lots of heavily ever afters. Let's break down the highlights character by character:


– All charges were dropped in the case once Karen lied and took the blame for the murder—though of course it wasn't that simple. Tripp called Gaby to the stand again after he kissed Bree and she spilled the whole truth to him; he promised Bree he wouldn't call Gaby to the stand, but did anyway in order to help Bree. Bree was upset because he'd deceived her, but eventually forgave him once she realized what a good guy he was deep down—especially after he searched high and low for a particularly meaningful 45 and a record player to deliver to Karen before she died.

– Bree and Tripp ended up getting married and moving to Louisville. Tripp encouraged her to run for local politics, and Bree was elected to the Kentucky state legislature.

Karen (and Roy):

– When the ladies of the lane insisted that Karen let them care of her so that she could avoid a hospice (Roy had his own health issues), Karen realized that they truly thought of her as a friend, as family.

– Loyal to the end, Karen testified in court after she overheard Gaby discussing the case with Carlos—and discovered that Carlos killed child molester Alejandro and Gaby planned to take the blame since Bree's case was going south. Karen tells the jury that she killed the son of a bitch. Due to her age and failing health, no charges were held against her.

– Karen died at the end of the episode while listening to an old 45 from her childhood—the one Tripp found for her—with Roy by her bedside. Simultaneously, we saw Julie giving birth to her daughter, and Renee marrying Ben.

Lynette and Tom:

– Lynette and Tom got back together after finally confessing their true feelings. Tom got as far as filing the divorce papers, but a conversation with Roy—about telling the one you love how you feel before it's too late—changed his mind.

– Katherine Mayfair returned—not a lesbian anymore!—with a business proposition for Lynette. Katherine had started a line of frozen French pastries and business was booming; she asked Lynette to head up the U.S. division of her company in New York.

– Lynette accepted Katherine's offer and Lynette and Tom moved to New York, where they bought a penthouse and settled in to spend time with their six grandchildren and other extended family.

Renee and Ben:

– Ben refused to answer the prosecutor's questions when he was called to the stand during Bree's trial. He was found in contempt of court and arrested.

– When the prosecution learned that Renee had info on Bree's whereabouts the night of the murder, they threatened to deport Ben to Australia if she didn't come forward. Renee testified that she saw Bree the night of the crime—muddy, with leaves in her hair, and carrying a shovel.

– Renee apologized when Bree got off, and Bree forgave her.

– Renee and Ben got married.

Gaby and Carlos:

– Gaby and Carlos disagreed over who would take responsibility for the murder of Alejandro and each tried to stop the other from doing so. But with Karen's testimony, neither ended up needing to take the blame.

– Gaby became the breadwinner; a big promotion led to hear being named head of sales for her department. Tensions flared, as the status swap was uncomfortable for Carlos—to the point that he hired a hot female gardener as a dig at Gabrielle to remind her of her past transgressions—but they tried to keep their relationship intact in spite of it all.

– Carlos helped Gaby develop a personal shopping website, which resulted in Gaby getting her own show on the Home Shopping Network. The couple left Wisteria Lane to go live in a mansion in California.

Susan and her family:

– After her water broke in the limo while en route to Renee's wedding, Julie gave birth to a baby girl. Porter, Lynette, and Tom arrived during the delivery.

– Susan and the girls played their last round of poker before Susan moved away.

– Susan met the woman who who'd bought her house—she seemed to have some secrets of her own, and will no doubt keep the mysteries alive for those living on Wisteria Lane. – As Susan droves off with MJ, Julie, and the new baby, the ghosts of Wisteria Lane were shown watching over her.

All in all, there were happy endings all around. Because as Mary Alice said, "even the most desperate life is oh so wonderful." What did you think of the big finish?

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