Scandal's Season 2 Premiere: Bombs Away!

Scandal S02E01: "White Hat's Off"

Scandal was so nuts last night! I've been looking forward to the premiere of this soapy procedural quite a lot and as soon as I saw the super pregnant FLOTUS talking about how her fetus was America's Baby I was like, "Time jump much?!" Yes, the world of Scandal has moved forward about eight months since the devastating finale, but everyone is still talking just as fast, dressing just as sleek, and angstfully denying their emotions in the way only gladiators in suits and leaders of the free world can. What a delightful bunch! Yet I'd be remiss if I didn't point out:

QUINN IS AN EFFING ALLEGED BOMBER? That's her super-secret-special identity? After a summer wondering whether Quinn was the last descendant of Anastasia Romonav or a part-alien intergalactic hooker, we learned she was merely suspected of blowing her boyfriend of six months—and his office—to Kingdom Come after finding a sexy text from another woman on his phone. Yes, hell hath no fury like a woman forced to wait in line at the Apple Store Genius Bar while her man freaks a bitch, and everybody who was not Olivia Pope was convinced that Quinn/Lindsay/Quinndsay was G-U-I-L-T-Y. I would've been, too! I mean, her defense was truly laughable: She had woken up in a hotel room shortly after the bombing with passports and legal papers laid out by some unknown, fugitive-helping fairy, and just figured, "Okay, I'll start a whole new life. Why not?!"

Which, makes total sense! Of course she would join a high profile lawyer's firm and pursue a career in relentless truth-seeking if she was two years deep into a completely false identity. NO, NO SHE WOULDN'T. Even if she took the identity, which I'd argue is the move of a total sociopath (bye parents, friends, and family! ), she'd lay low and either try to get to the bottom of what had happened or live off the grid in one of those tiny houses with a wood-burning stove, eating deer and knitting.

With such a weird, crazy backstory to investigate, I worried that her trial would basically be Season 2. And Stephen Colbert Washington's D.C.'s DA, certainly seemed to have the same impression, seeing the upcoming trial and certain conviction as being the legal equivalent of his own personal one-man show. It was going to make him a STAR!

Meanwhile, the FLOTUS used her televised reveal of the first baby's sex to suddenly commit America to stopping genocide in the East Sudan. I bet a lot of new moms have that reaction to finding out about the gender of their baby. The president got scary-angry the way only a man without eyebrows can, kneeling with rage and screaming that "NO ONE ELECTED YOU," which, really, he was taking the words right out of my mouth. Ms. Rhimes has created a female villain I despise more than maybe any other villain on TV. FLOTUS Millie is an absolute masterpiece of manipulation and bitchiness. So many cheers for Bellamy Young but also if I ever see you in line at the store forgive me in advance, I may give you a mean look before I can remind myself this show isn't actually happening.

I know in Olivia's position I would have finished that damn wine watching the FLOTUS weep about her baby/the Sudan three times. But it only makes her a greater foil for Olivia: The president called Olivia up to get her advice and they had a cute little "opposite day" conversation about hating each other and she gave him a pep talk about being his own man. I love that these two connected, but I kind of wanted to see them in the same room. Without them clenching their fists and making steamy eye contact person-to-person, this show is just not the same. Let's hope they get stuck on a White House elevator together next week.

In the midst of the Quinn trial and the FLOTUS being a real POS, some congressman also had to spin a sex tape which zzzzzzzzz. It was a bit much for the episode, I wasn't sure why or how it happened, I had enough to think about watching Quinndsay having shouting matches while dressed in a jail jumpsuit. Oh, I can watch sweet muffin-faced 20-something actresses yelling while in jail jumpsuits all day long. It cracks me up! Also Olivia shouted her down so effortlessly. DO NOT HAVE A SHOUTING MATCH WITH OLIVIA POPE SHE WILL WIN IT. How many times have they had shouting matches at this point in the series? I hope these two have Throat Coat in their trailers.

To the premiere's eternal credit, rather than dragging out Quinnsday's trial, Olivia made a single phone call and got her acquitted. DAYUMN. What the hell? And then in a STARTLING REVEAL—Olivia was the magic fairy who gave Quinn her fresh identity! Two things about this:

1. Whoever knocked Quinn out seemed to use the same methodology as the person who killed the intern that was supposed to be carrying the president's baby in Season 1. Soooo…what's up with that, Olivia?

2. Olivia got to pick a new name for someone and picked Quinn?! That is just such a funny, unusual name. Do you think she sat up late with a baby book to pick that out? I would have gone with "Krystle" but that's just me.

More importantly, this reveal established that there is someone even MORE powerful pulling the strings than Cyrus, FLOTUS, and Olivia who Olivia called to get the acquittal to go through, and for some reason that person is invested in having Quinndsay's boyfriend and his coworkers KILLED and yet leaving Quinnsday unharmed. This season certainly has some explaining to do, but ultimately I don't care about that side of things, as long as Olivia and the President get to attend another White House ball soon.


– Who is this Big Bad who got Quinn her acquittal?

– Would you assume a whole new identity laid out for you under such mysterious circumstances, and if so would you pursue a high-profile career or move to like, France?

– Did it weird you out that Abby kept watching the sex tape? What was that about?

Jimmy Kimmel put in a cameo: I bet he legit loves this show, don't you think?

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I'm pretty sure it was Huck who knocked Quinndsay (perfect name, btw) out and left her all those documents. When he realized that the store across the street from the ritzy hotel he left Quinndsay in, he had to hack the tape and erase himself from it, and he was in the car with Olivia as they watched her leave.

What I thought was rather preposterous (aside from everything you pointed out) is that it's obviously been at LEAST a year since the explosion, and (1) the cops never pulled the tapes from the place across the street (2) Huck just realized they might have some and hacked in to check and (3) they STILL had the tapes - not just archived or anything, but ON THEIR SYSTEM. Who does that?

Bellamy Young is VERY good at playing bitches. In fact, the only character I can recall seeing her play where she wasn't playing a bitch was (is?) as Hotch's new girlfriend on "Criminal Minds" - though given her history of bitchy and/or evil characters, I kept expecting her to turn out to be the unsub in one of their cases. I wonder if she'll be back any more this season or if Scandal will keep her too busy.

As for Abby and the sex tape - Abby is probably the most annoying character on the show. She's ALWAYS up in everyone's grill about her own self-righteous point of view (and is pretty much ALWAYS opposed to what the group is doing - I'm not sure why she doesn't just quit and rather wish she would) but then when she gets a nice piece of amateur porn, she just watches it again and again in a way that's rather disgusting and quite creepy.
- I'm totally guessing it's somebody HUGE that OP helped out of a jam. Olivia Pope has mad reach yo!

- I mean if it it was just lying there. I mean if you think back to the premiere, she clearly hooked Quinn up good. "Quinn" is a fresh out of law school lawyer who passed the Bar. That threw me all season because the girl, God bless her, tends to come off as incompetent, so that explains that! She's in one of the easiest cities in the country to blend into and she just fell into a job with the HBIC of DC. I would have took the credentials and did as much as possible to blend into the woodwork, nothing high profile, and no fancy countries that everyone looks at first.

- No. Not shocking. It was an Abby thing to do. And sexually frustrated now that she can't lust after Stephen?

- Totally.

I too love my Scandal best when Olivia and Fritz are sharing a bit of screen time. Their chemistry is out of this world and darn fun to watch. Although, that phone call totally made up for it and I was so enthralled with Fritz going off on FLOTUS that I didn't mind it as much. Speaking of...I LOVE Mellie. I mean she's scary and crazy and all that, but if you're going to be a villain you have to be a mighty fine one that makes the audience sort of hate themselves for kind of loving you, and she does that. Bellamy Young milks that role for all its worth.

-Umm, so we kinda, sorta, still don't know much about Quinnsey. Or why she's so special. My guess is she was in the crossfires when Olivia was protecting somebody else in that way that she does, and she maybe felt guilty that Quinnsey was taking the heat so she looked out for her? I don't know. I'm interested in finding out, despite Quinn being my least fave character on this show.

-I kind of miss Stephen only because he was meant to have the role as Olivia's bestie. But given the protectiveness of my man Huck, the loyalty he has for Livi and the obvious secrets and mutual understanding they have, I suppose he'll more than make up for Stephen the "bestie" being gone. LOVE Huck!

-The other case was sort of unnecessary, if not for it involving Jackson Hurst I probably wouldn't have paid it much mind at all. I was too into Quinnsey's case and the war brewing between frenemies Olivia and the D.A. Kerry W. and Josh Malina also have a great enough chemistry where they nail that.
1. I don't think it's important. I think Olivia's contact list is full of people who owe her and are in positions to do something like that.

2. Of course I would, but moving to France is even more high profile. Expats are nosy about each other. Either move to a place with no extradition treaty or move somewhere with a lot of uninteresting people to blend in with, like Cleveland.

3. Who wouldn't?

4. Actually, yeah, I think he'd be into it.
How I've missed you Lily! Now my shows are back on (yes, I sound like an old biddy) I so look forward to giggling my way through your entertaining posts. And yes to more Liv and Fitz.

On to the questions:

1. No idea, but you know we will have to work for it.

2. Hell yeah, I'd move to France, hook up with Jason Bourne, have a few kids on the lam?

3. Abby is a little creepy sometimes.

4. Love Jimmy. He and Guillermo could do a Bourne Identity / Quinndsay mashup skit.

I have no idea why the Bourne Identity had to come up twice, er three times in this comment.

It wasn't as great as last season but its early yet. Sometimes brilliance takes a while to develop so I'm still on board. This was my favorite guilty pleasure last spring - even moreso than Revenge - and I do trust Shonda. Your grasp of the situation was quite on the nose, however, and that has me a bit worried...
1. I have no idea, but I am curious to find out.

2. Honestly, if I looked that guilty probably. However, I'd probably try to live a normal life.

3. It was kind of weird, but I'm guessing she hasn't got some in a while.

4. Awww, Jimmy I'm sure he watches it every Thursday.

5. Honestly, the only reason I'm watching this show is because of the chemistry between Fitz and Olivia. I just need "one minute" per episode and I'll watch the rest of the season. Also, I love/hate Millie.
I'm with you. If/when Shonda writes out the love interest between Fitz and Olivia, I will tune out Scandal. Really who cares about Quinn??? Hope Shonda gets another arc going.
1 - it was already established that Huck knew the guy who killed Amanda Tanner, they worked together. That solves that.

2 - well, sure, but Krystle is the name of either a hooker or stripper. Maybe she wanted her to do something else.

The acquittal, I think, was organized by the same person that hired Olivia about Quinn anyway.

If I didn't have living family, or it was the family I didn't like, then yes, I would take it. If they left me enough money, I would move to France, or Belize, or Fiji.

Yes, her watching the sex tape was weird. It isn't like watch porn. Maybe she needs to get some.

I was thrilled that we got some answers and then as many questions. Great job. Looking forward to the rest of the season!
To put it differently: if Cyrus ordered the hit on Amanda Tanner, then is Cyrus connected with shielding Quinn or is there someone even higher up pulling these strings?
I think James (Cyrus' life partner) is the mastermind behind it all.
I think there is something to his hubby too.
ooh! I like the question. My first thoughts is no. Huck and AT's killer were ex CIA, right? And Huck has worked for Olivia since before Quinn became Quinn. So, my thought was just he was her go to, Cyrus would have just acted independently. I think the higher up has other ties to Quinn.

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