Sci-Fi confirms Dollhouse return

Digital channel Sci-Fi brings Joss Whedon's latest drama, Dollhouse, back to Britain this October.

The second series, which debuts in the US at the end of September, sees Eliza Dushku return as a programmable living 'doll' who tries to re-establish her true identity following the aftermath of war.

Dollhouse's first series finished in the UK earlier this month, concluding with an episode unaired in America that's widely considered to be one of the show's best instalments. International fans even gave the episode, entitled Epitaph One, an average rank of 7.5 -- the second highest score for a Dollhouse episode so far.

Despite the shows clear improvement later in the series, Sci-Fi struggled to attract an audience to the futuristic show. Ratings reportedly declined from 263 thousand (1.3% of the total TV audience) at the show's UK premiere to 152 thousand (0.7% of the total TV audience) at its finale. Similar ratings were also seen during the shows US broadcast on Fox.

There were doubts as to whether the series would be picked up following its poorly rated first season, however, Fox took a leap a faith and renewed the show, promising not to mess with Whedon's creation anymore. Previously, the American broadcaster had instructed the director to change Dollhouse's format, but the show only came into its own when Fox let him go it alone.

Dollhouse's second series premieres with a double-bill on Sci-Fi starting at 10pm on Tuesday, October 20. The show will then continue every week in the same time slot. Its international debut will take place three and a half weeks earlier on Fox at 9pm ET on Friday, September 25.

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Aug 19, 2009
Dollhouse was a strange show. The first half dozen episodes were just below average American telly. Then something strange happened, the series became interesting thanks to it's secondary storyline, and by the last episode it actually became a show I looked forward to... I hope series two continues to build on what series one ended with!
Aug 18, 2009
Looking forward to this. The first series was intriguing, if not amazing and it'll be interesting to see where Whedon can take it next.