Sci-Fi turns page in comics

Sci-Fi Channel has teamed with Richard Branson's Virgin Comics to create comic books that also will be developed into content for feature film, television, digital, and gaming.

Five new comic-book titles will kick off the joint venture, dubbed Sci-Fi/Virgin Comics. Details on those titles are forthcoming, but the idea is to create original properties that will be eyed across all media.

Sci-Fi and its parent company, NBC Universal, will have first look at any projects that come out of the partnership. Sci-Fi and Virgin, who are equal partners in the joint venture, said they want to attract some of the biggest names and talent who work in comic books, television, and movies.

An eight-member editorial board--representing comic books, television, movies, digital, gaming, licensing, and merchandising--will be responsible for determining which stories make the cut. The first Sci-Fi/Virgin titles, distributed by Diamond Comics, are expected to be available to consumers this year.

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