Scots bicker over Scotty

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Star Trek has a habit of turning ordinary people into trivia-spouting bickerers, but now four whole towns are getting into a nerd feud. The Scottish towns of Aberdeen, Linlithgow, Elgin, and Edinburgh are all claiming to be the birthplace of Montgomery "Scotty" Scott, the fictional chief engineer of the starship Enterprise on the original Star Trek series. The Canadian actor James Doohan, who played Scotty, recently passed away.

Trekkies in all four of the burgs attest to having proof to back up their claim. In one episode, Scotty describes himself to be an "Aberdeen pub crawler," but in an interview in the '70s, Doohan said Scotty was from Elgin, near Aberdeen. Each of the four towns has plans to erect a memorial for Scotty.

Whatever the outcome, this just proves there is no better way to honor someone's memory than with a fight.

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