Scoundrels and The Gates: Pretty Much Dead

... Are you that one person out there that loves summertime network TV? Then avert your eyes or face the sad truth: it's garbage. Two of ABC's higher-profile series have failed to make their mark in the ratings, which will likely result in cancellation. Scoundrels and The Gates epitomized mediocrity Sunday with 1.0 ratings among adults and finished last despite being the only original episodes aired that evening (unless you count the Daytime Emmy Awards, which didn't fare much better in the ratings). We'll give these two shows another two weeks before they're replaced with repeats of Wipeout. [TV By The Numbers]

... Maybe The Gates and Scoundrels didn't do so well because people are still dealing with a bad case of World Cup Fever. The elimination round match between the U.S. and Ghana Sunday was the most-watched World Cup game in history in America, with 14.9 million viewers. Shortly after the U.S. lost and were eliminated from the world's biggest sporting event, 14.9 million fairweather fans vowed never to watch soccer for another four years. [TV By the Numbers]

... Who cares about ratings! Let's get to some interesting stuff! Interesting stuff like... THE DAYTIME EMMYS!! Michael Park and Maura West were named best actor and actress (respectively, I'm assuming) at the event for their roles in the cancelled As the World Turns. The Bold & the Beautiful won best daytime soap for year number two running, and some other things happened that a 57-year-old housewife in Wichita cared about. [The Live Feed]

... SyFy is remaking the fairly adequate BBC dramedy Being Human for American audiences, and it's already targeted its vampire. Actor Sam Witwer, Smallville's Doomsday, is set to play the seductive vampire Mitchell (played by Aidan Turner in the UK version, get it right Ausiello!). Not a bad choice considering Witwer looks very much like Turner. However, it won't stop this U.S. version from being a steaming pile of garbage when compared to the UK version. [EW]

... Drop-dead gorgeous woman-of-my-dreams Katie Cassidy (Supernatural's blonde Ruby, not the other one) is sticking with the CW after a failed run on Melrose Place (the show's fault, not hers). Cassidy will join the cast of Gossip Girl as a love interest for Nate (Chace Crawford) in multiple episodes. In other news, Chace Crawford just made my List of People I Need to Knock Out With Chloroform and Take Their Place. [EW]

... The Criminal Minds casting fiasco is over! And the loser is A.J. Cook! Cook will be coming back for the CBS procedural's next season, but only for a few episodes to wrap up her character's storyline. Paget Brewster has signed a deal to return for "a majority" of next season's episodes, but it will likely be her last. Send flaming piles of dog poo to Les Moonves, CBS Headquarters, New York, NY. But don't tell him I sent you as he signs my paychecks. [Deadline Hollywood]

... You guys know I like Judy Greer. Not just like, but I mean like like. As in, I want her to wear my Varsity jacket like her. Greer is now committed to star in CBS' new comedy Mad Love with costars Sarah Chalke, Jason Biggs, and Tyler Labine. Greer replaces the girl I wanted to take to prom and have a painful breakup with when she goes to college on the East Coast and I stay put, Lizzy Caplan. What's Mad Love about? Who cares, it has Greer and Labine! Just watch it when it premieres in the midseason! [Deadline Hollywood]

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