Scrubs creator talks show's future, finale

Scrubs is finally returning to television tomorrow after a near-death experience early last year, but there's already talk about whether or not the show will return for an additional round next year.

The show's path to television this season is an interesting one. Once thought to be flatlined over at NBC, ABC opted to bring the show over to its schedule and give it a little more life in the form of an eighth season.

Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence spoke to about the upcoming season, but the outspoken showrunner also addressed questions of a possible ninth season without star Zach Braff. Unfortunately, it seems the likelihood of more Scrubs will rely more on dollars and cents than passion and talent.

"ABC is promoting the s--t out of Scrubs," Lawrence said when discussing the hospital comedy's future. "It's very weird. It's the first time I've seen commercials for the show in seven years…The reality is, Scrubs is incredibly reasonably priced. And without Zach's salary and my salary, it's probably cheaper to make then some new shows. And it's sold into syndication, so every episode that gets produced, ABC makes $1 million or so on the back end. I don't think it'll be a creative decision."

He would like to see the show go on without him because he understands that the people he's worked for years with still need their jobs. However, he's only okay with the show moving on without him if it maintains some integrity.

"The only way I'd object is if someone came up with a real crappy, half-assed idea to keep the show going," Lawrence says. "Like, 'We'll call it Scrubs, but instead of Zach Braff, it'll be Hillary Duff, because everybody likes her!'"

Lawrence also says that each character leaving will be given a proper farewell this season, the thing between J.D. and Elliot will come to a satisfying conclusion, and the Janitor's real name will be revealed, as promised.

"Neil Flynn and I are happy about it," explained Lawrence. "We felt we had burdened ourselves by never saying it, because then you're obligated to come up with something big. So we decided, to hell with it, and we didn't come up with anything big. J.D. finally asks him [in the finale] and the Janitor just says it; there's no big hoopla."

The new season of Scrubs airs tomorrow night on ABC (not NBC!). Would you still watch Scrubs if Lawrence and Braff weren't involved?

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