Scrubs taking residency at ABC?

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Fans of the medical comedy Scrubs are hoping that ABC can give them a second opinion. The NBC show was supposed to pull the plug on the series after this season, with the last remaining question being how a series finale would be made in the strike-shortened season.

But like a doctor that just won't give up on a dying patient, ABC is swooping in with the defibrillators. Last night, a report by the online branch of The Hollywood Reporter hit the wires stating that ABC was in negotiations to pick up the show for 18 episodes, giving the long-running comedy new life.

However, NBC was apparently "caught off guard" by the article and not privy to the negotiations. To thicken the drama, Scrubs is produced by ABC Studios, which licenses the show to NBC.

"NBC has a license agreement with ABC Studios, which includes a right of first negotiation and first refusal to extend the series term beyond this season," NBC cochairman Marc Graboff told Variety. "We're living under the terms of this license agreement, and we expect ABC Studios to do the same."

It has always been thought that if NBC chose not to pick up the series, which debuted in 2001, it would land on ABC, but NBC has always exercised its right to call dibs on the show. However, this is almost certainly the final year that Scrubs will air on NBC, meaning the door could be open for ABC to rush in and pick it up.

As for Scrubs fans hoping for the comedy to return next year, they'll just have to wait and see how the drama between the two networks is resolved.

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