Scrubs to be flatlined?

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Viewers tuning in to Monday's Heroes to find out what happens five years in the future (on that program anyway) may have caught a glimpse into the future of another program--the medical comedy Scrubs.

On Monday night, an ad hyping the NBC program's run to the end of its season stated there are "just four episodes left" of the show, causing some concern for fans. There was no distinction of there being four episodes left in the season or in the show's entire existence on NBC.

The ambiguity was likely intentional, according to Variety. Networks are currently in decisions to renew or let go of series, and Scrubs may be on life support. Though the show posts favorable ratings, its high price tag could warrant the network pulling its plug.

The San Jose Mercury News claims that word on the street is that NBC could renew 30 Rock or Scrubs, but not both--and the Tina Fey comedy is coming back for another season. Of course even if NBC doesn't pick up Scrubs, the show could possibly be revived elsewhere, with ABC being a frontrunner.

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