Secret Diary of a Call Girl: Belle's Little Black Book

"There's so much to tell you", Belle (Billie Piper) tells the camera as the fourth, and last, season of Secret Diary of a Call Girl begins on ITV2 this Tuesday at 10pm. Truth be told, she’s exaggerating slightly. The escort, known to her friends as Hannah, has just returned from holiday and is moving in to a new house. That's all she has to share at the moment, but as the debut unravels so do some very juicy relationship developments.

Existing fans--who are already familiar with her friends, colleagues and clients--will likely be satisfied with the direction of the show, but new viewers may struggle to keep up. To aid your viewing pleasure of the upcoming season we’ve created this handy guide, to ensure you’re aptly familiar with everyone in her life. Enjoy!

Her Madame

Methodical, manipulative, stern. These are all words that can describe Belle’s cynical madame, Stephanie (Cheri Lunghi). She’s been on Belle’s back since day one, always pressuring her to work hard and never fall in love with clients. But, last season, we saw a more sensitive side to her, as it was revealed she’d once had her heart broken by a lesbian lover.

Despite her flaws, Stephanie has always reluctantly looked out for Belle, and in this season we discover she has more respect for her than originally portrayed. When Stephanie finds herself in trouble with the law it’s Belle she turns to for support.

Her Best Friend

Oh Ben, poor Ben. He’s been lusting after Hannah (he gets to call Belle by her real name) ever since they broke up at university. They remain best friends because Belle doesn’t want to lose him (her only confidant) if they become intimate, and break up, again. Her rejection barely puts him off, but her job is a bit of a deal breaker. Ben (Iddo Goldberg) wants Belle to stop being a prostitute so they can settle down, but he has some competition this season.

Her Clients

Rarely do Belle’s clients last more than an episode. They’re worth a mention for comedy purposes, however. Some have asked her to bleat like a sheep, others have dressed in her underwear. In the first episode of season four we meet a lawyer called Liam (Adam Astill, pictured) who has trouble ejaculating until Belle finds the perfect solution.

Her Protege

When we first met Bambi (Ashley Madekwe) in season two she was a naive escort, new to the business. Belle mentored her, and Stephanie hired her, but it wasn’t the life she had hoped for herself--for one, she’d discovered her rate was often dictated by her race. At the end of last season she defied Stephanie and married one of her clients, a rich aristocrat called Byron. She’s nowhere to be seen in the fourth season opener, but if you want to see Madekwe again you can turn over to Sky Living on February 7 to see her play Will Young’s flatmate in Bedlam’s haunted house.

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Feb 14, 2011
What is the name of the actor who plays Byron?
Jan 31, 2011
I can't wait for this to air!
Jan 29, 2011
Get up to speed with what? There is no article!

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