See Jon Stewart's Spot-On Impression of Glenn Beck (VIDEO)

Since Glenn Beck announced that his Jesus-freaked television program would end this year, some of the nation's top media experts have been speculating: Did Fox News let him go because of dwindling ratings, despite his approximate viewership of two million? Will he find a new home on satellite radio? And perhaps most important to the Couch Potato Nation, who will take over his half-hour slot? 

Crazymakers like Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin may seem like obvious shoo-ins. But, before Roger Ailes starts drafting up proposals, he should peep Jon Stewart's dead-on impression of GB.

The Tonight Show doesn't take many chances, which is why it maintains such a folksy appeal and holds the top spot in late-night ratings. But even Middle America craves a cuckoo bird on the small screen every now and then, or perhaps all the time. (See above.)

No wingnuts appeared on last night's show; only Gary Busey, who, even in PG-rated Jay Leno Land, managed to spout off some insanity for the water cooler. 

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