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We're posting a weekly Community story every Thursday until NBC puts the show back on the schedule, because we can.

A busy week and an impromptu vacation for moi means this post is going to be a bit short this week. As you know, the point of this weekly series is to keep Community fresh in your minds—but it seems like the show's fans are doing that just fine on their own.

You know what's pretty amazing to me? The fact that Community isn't even on the air right now, yet people are still created cool stuff related to the show. Think about that for a second. There's no weekly reminder of the show in the form of the regularly scheduled episodes of television it should be getting, but fans are still talking about it all the time. When was the last time your friend passed you a link to an image of the cast of Two and a Half Men redrawn as superheroes? Where are the New Girl Tumblrs loaded with animated .GIFs? Even Modern Family, comedy's resident award hog, doesn't have much of an existence off the TV screen.

While other comedies are forgotten once their allotted 30 minutes are up for the week, Community continues to chug along, even though it's been off the air for months. The fan appreciation continues, and will for some time. Case in point, this continuation of my Community alt-art post from a couple weeks ago: Here's a look at the characters reimagined as Street Fighter characters. (Click the image to see it full-size.)

This piece comes from artist Ben Deguzman, who previously gave the Community cast a makeover as characters from the world of Batman. I love that he didn't make Abed into Dhalsim, because he looks so great as Ryu. And Chang as Blanka? That just might be the greatest thing ever. Check out Ben's page here!

The pleas for saving the show also continue, and late last week, Donald Glover sat down in front of a camera and asked for your help in this new comedy-free world that we live in.

I wish I could give you an update on Community's future, but unfortunately it's still murky. We'll hold NBC to its promise of a spring return, but until then, all we can really say is, "See you after Regionals."

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