See the First Photos of Wonder Woman in Action (and With a New Costume!)

Anticipation for NBC's Wonder Woman re-imagining has been cautious. Some TV fans are eager to see one of the comic world's most famous heroines bash in the faces of bad guys. Others are put off by the modern-day spin that will cast Diana as a corporate exec who likes to sing Katy Perry songs in the car. And there's a fair share of people who are just morbidly curious to see how this whole things shakes out.

We still have a long time to wait until the actual show airs (if it gets picked up to series, we'd expect it this fall), but for now we have the next best thing: photos of the series in action from a filming session in Los Angeles.

One of the first things you'll notice, in addition to the ferocious look on Adrianne Palicki's face, is the minor adjustments made to the costume that set the internet on fire when the first photo of it was released. The blinding blue sheen of those shiny plastic pants has been swapped for something more matte, and the blue boots have been exchanged for red boots that better complement the outfit. I'm no fashion guru, but the getup she has on now is much easier on the eyes.

Do you think the new outfit is an improvement over the old one?

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