See The Tomorrow People's Latest Take on the Super-powered Teen Origin Story (VIDEO)

Not to disparage the potential of The CW's The Tomorrow People, because it looks like it could be good, but you won't really find anything new in this latest extended trailer. We've seen it before: Handsome teen notices unusual powers. Handsome teen experiences strange things. Handsome teen has an outburst in class and the square teacher is all like, "Excuse me, Mr. Whatever Your Name Is?" Handsome teen confides in beautiful friend and says, "I know it sounds crazy..." Handsome teen harnesses powers, handsome teen uses powers on bully, handsome teen is noticed by secret cabal of other handsome teens with powers, handsome teen learns of a secret war, handsome teen is the key to everything, handsome teen is really handsome! 

But let's look at The Tomorrow People's version of the super-powered teen origin story, shall we? 

Pretty X-Men-y, kinda Heroes-y, sorta Matrix-y, a tad Alphas-y. I'd guess we can all predict the pilot from the opening scene to the closing credits, but we won't get a good idea of the series until we can conduct a four-episode test. Are you planning to tune in?

The Tomorrow People airs Wednesdays this fall on The CW.

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