See Who Killed the Most Zombies and How in The Walking Dead's First Season (INFOGRAPHIC)

It's no secret that lots of zombies died (again) in the first season of The Walking Dead. In fact, 88 of 'em bit over the course of just six episodes. But sometimes a man has questions. Questions like: How many zombies did Rick Grimes kill with a shotgun? Which episode featured the most zombie deaths? And did Carol ever get off her ass and shoot a meatbag?

To answer these questions, designer David Fung put together this handy infographic charting every single zombie takedown from Season 1, plus who did the dirty work, how each walker was killed, and which episode it happened in. The graphic also works as a convenient leaderboard, because as everyone knows, it's not just surviving a zombie apocalypse that matters, it's how many kills you rack up!

Click on the image to see it at full resolution in a new window.

For more of David's infographics, check out his FUNGraphs Tumblr.

The Walking Dead Season 2 premieres Sunday, October 16 at 9pm on AMC.

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