Seinfeld DVD set to cost $280

For big-time fans of a show about nothing, a superdeluxe collector's edition DVD set of Seinfeld is going to cost something...a whole lot of somethings.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has revealed that the special boxed set, dubbed Seinfeld: The Complete Series, is due in stores on November 6, according to The Hollywood Reporter. That is the same day the final season--season nine--of Seinfeld is released on DVD.

While season nine of Seinfeld only comes with a paltry four discs, the Complete Series pack will come on a whopping 32 platters. However, the Complete Series is for the hardcore (or ridiculously wealthy)--it's suggested list price is $283.95.

Almost $300 gets fans all 180 episodes of the show, as well as a bunch of extras, including a 226-page Seinfeld coffee table book that even Kramer would love. Other bonuses include a DVD featuring a roundtable reunion with the show's creators and stars (Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David, Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Michael Richards). Also included are the requisite documentaries, deleted scenes, bloopers, and more.

"When the show wrapped, the book, which had taken years to assemble, was privately shared with only the cast and crew," Sony Pictures Home Entertainment vice president of marketing Marc Rashba told THR. "When we were launching the TV-DVD series sets five years ago, we loved it so much, but we took a look, and it was ridiculously expensive to put it out. Now, we reshaped and redesigned it, and we were able to make it happen. It's the first time the public will get to see it."

Seinfeld premiered in July 1989 and bowed out in May 1998. For more on the show, read's previous coverage.

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