Seinfeld won't be back on Curb

"No, Jerry is quite busy right now with his own show, he's done his last Curb," Larry confirmed ahead of a special Q and A with fans as part of the Paley Centre For Media's PaleyFest 2010 in Beverly Hills.

But Larry admitted including the Seinfeld reunion storyline helped stop people constantly asking him if he'd ever bring back the hit 90s comedy, saying: "It has put an end to it - although every now and then you get some lunatic that says 'are you going to do another Seinfeld show?'"

Larry admitted he's in the process of working out if he wants Curb to come back for another series.

"I haven't confirmed anything but I'm leaning towards it. We're working on some stuff now and hopefully we'll have enough shows that it'd be enough for a new season," he said.

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