September 13, 2005 DVD Releases



The Complete Fourth Season

Evildoers, beware! Superman is here, and he's younger and hotter than any previous Superman! He'll uphold truth, justice, and the teen consumer way.

Tom Welling will soon be seen in a remake of the classic John Carpenter ghost movie The Fog, but here he plays a teenage Clark Kent, now in his senior year of high school. This four-disc, 22-episode set continues Supe's quest for the three Kryptonian crystals and his bold attempt to keep those mysterious stones from destroying Earth. As Clark approaches graduation, he becomes a favorite target of that most dreaded of human scum: college football recruiters!

Plus, romance is in the air as Lana Lang gets a boyfriend, Lois Lane comes to Smallville and quickly irritates Clark, Lex Luthor slips further into evil, Chloe continues to get incredible scoops, and Lionel gets an attitude adjustment. On the villain front, Krypto and Mr. Mxyzptlk explode into Superman's life.

Extras include audio commentary on several episodes, a "Being Lois Lane" featurette, 21 deleted scenes, and an "Inside the Writers' Room" documentary.

Use the force on your DVD player! Oops, wrong pop-culture franchise.

Watch a clip from Smallville: The Complete Fourth Season DVD here!

Get the Smallville: The Complete Fourth Season DVD here!

One Tree Hill

The Complete Second Season

Last season, brothers Nathan and Lucas Scott were bitter enemies on the court and off. This season, they develop the bond of brotherhood.

Even without the rivalry, there are plenty of twists and turns in this DVD set containing all 22 episodes from season two.

It's a season of dramatic changes: Lucas moves in with Dan. Brooke and Peyton mend their friendship and get romantic. Nathan and Haley's marriage is on the rocks. All the while, Dan Scott lurks with evil intentions, attempting to control others like an evil puppet master. Don't miss this smashing box set!

DVD features include audio commentary on several episodes; more than 40 minutes of unaired scenes; "The Music of One Tree Hill," which includes a backstage glimpse at the One Tree Hill concert tour with Tyler Hilton and The Wreckers; "Diaries From the Set" behind-the-scenes featurette; and "Change Is Good" featurette with introductions to season two's new characters.

Check out the view atop this Hill.

Get the One Tree Hill - The Complete Second Season DVD here!

Las Vegas

Season Two: Uncut & Uncensored

Season two is twice as hot, and this time it's uncut and uncensored! This NBC series tells tales straight from from Sin City, aka Las Vegas! If great storytelling is what the viewer is looking for, this show is no gamble!

This four-disc, 24-episode box set takes us along on the thrilling adventures of the 24/7 surveillance team at the Montecito Resort and Casino, headed up by James Caan. They take on card-counting crooks, solve murders, and teach topless employees how to move--you've gotta see it to believe it!

It's a sin how many guest stars show up this time: Sylvester Stallone, Alec Baldwin, Jill Hennessy, and Jon Lovitz, plus musical performances by Snoop Dogg, Clint Black, Duran Duran, and Black Eyed Peas.

Bonus features include bloopers and outtakes too racy for TV and the featurette "VIP Access Only," wherein a Palms "High Roller" executive takes you on a tell-all tour of everything they do to cater to their high-roller clientele.

You won't roll a snake eyes with this DVD set!

Watch a clip from Las Vegas - Season Two DVD here!

Get the Las Vegas - Season Two DVD here!

Everybody Loves Raymond

The Complete Fourth Season

If you can't get enough of this show in syndication, thanks to DVD, it will never go away!

The fourth season of this beloved sitcom comes to DVD with this five-disc, 24-episode box set. Laugh along with the Barone family as they live, love, and learn from life. The gang is all here, including Ray Romano, Patricia Heaton (The Goodbye Girl), Peter Boyle (While You Were Sleeping), Doris Roberts (Remington Steele), and Brad Garrett (Gleason).

DVD extras include four audio commentaries ("Boob Job," "Robert's Rodeo," "The Tenth Anniversary," and "Bad Moon Rising"), as well as never-before-seen bloopers and deleted scenes.

Love is all around!

Watch a clip from Everybody Loves Raymond - The Complete Fourth Season DVD here!

Get the Everybody Loves Raymond - The Complete Fourth Season DVD here!


The Complete Sixth Season

It's a four-disc, 23-episode box set of your favorite radio psychiatrist from Seattle, Frasier Crane!

Starring Emmy Award-winner Kelsey Grammer, this season of Frasier features Frasier Crane losing his job! When KCAL switches its format to "salsa," Frasier isn't "caliente" enough to stay on the payroll. Also this season, Niles falls in love with Daphne, and Roz's mother, Joanna, lands a date with Frasier's irascible father, Martin! Season six is definitely a wild and witty season to remember!

Get some help...with laughter.

Watch a clip from Frasier - The Complete Sixth Season DVD here!

Get the Frasier - The Complete Sixth Season DVD here!

Da Ali G Show

The Complete Second Season

The Emmy-nominated, BAFTA Award-winning Ali G is in da hizzouse!

British comic Sacha Baron Cohen slips into his three impishly funny alter egos and pulls the wool over unsuspecting people's eyes, with humorous results! As Ali G, Borat, and Bruno, Baron Cohen creates loads of hilarious riffs at the expense of American culture. Sometimes you'll feel bad for these poor saps--and you should, because it's kind of mean to make fun of people like this! Enjoy the second season of this international hit!

Extras include the segment "Ali G at Harvard," where he uses foul language at Harvard!

Big ups to ya.

Watch a clip from Da Ali G Show: The Complete Second Season DVD here!

Get the Da Ali G Show: The Complete Second Season DVD here!


The Complete Sixth Season

The bar where "everybody knows your name" returns!

The sixth season of the classic sitcom Cheers is the first to feature future Fat Actress Kirstie Alley!

Bar owner Sam Malone (Ted Danson) sells the bar to a big company, and the bar's new manager, Rebecca Howe (Kirstie Alley), is making Sam's life crazy...and his heart go pitty-pat.

Along for the romantic fireworks is the old Cheers gang: Carla (Rhea Perlman), Woody (Woody Harrelson), Cliff (John Ratzenberger), Norm (George Wendy), and Frasier (Kelsey Grammer).

Belly laugh up to the bar!

Watch a clip from Cheers - The Complete Sixth Season DVD here!

Get the Cheers - The Complete Sixth Season DVD here!

The Brady Bunch

The Complete Third Season

Here's the story, of a man named Brady... This time, the Bradys tackle typical family issues, such as sibling rivalry, misunderstandings, and growing up, in a way that brought innocence and charm to the series.

This four-disc box set contains all 23 episodes from the third season of this beloved all-American comedy.

Marcia's on the trail of Davy Jones of The Monkees; Peter channels Humphrey Bogart; and little Bobby hates being just that--"little." This is also the season that features the infamous line from Jan: "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!"

So have yourself a Bunch...of laughs!

Watch a clip from The Brady Bunch - The Complete Third Season DVD here!

Get the The Brady Bunch - The Complete Third Season DVD here!


The Complete Third Season

It's the third season of this landmark comedy that introduced the world to the late, great Andy Kaufman. This four-disc set features all 20 episodes from season three of this delightful slice of New York life.

The cabbies of The Sunshine Cab Company, which includes Kaufman, Christopher Lloyd, Jeff Conaway, Judd Hirsch, Marilu Henner, and Tony Danza, spend most of their day bickering and joking around the garage, which is ruled with an iron hand by the diminutive Louie De Palma (Danny DeVito).

Catch a ride to the corner of Laugh St. and Poignant Ave.

Watch a clip from Taxi - The Complete Third Season DVD here!

Get the Taxi - The Complete Third Season DVD here!

The Dick Cavett Show

Ray Charles Collection

Dick Cavett is one of the wittiest, most urbane talk show hosts to ever helm an interview desk. His '70s gabfest is remembered as a place where actors regaled television viewers with tales of Tinseltown and where musicians made memorable moments for the masses.

This disc includes the best of late music legend Ray Charles' appearances on Cavett. His soulful crooning stands up over time and is a treat with every viewing.

Cavett your way.

Watch a clip from The Dick Cavett Show - Ray Charles Collection DVD here!

Get the The Dick Cavett Show - Ray Charles Collection DVD here!


Volume 3: S.A.V.A.G.E. Island and Volume 4: Up in Arms

Back in the 1980s, Rambo blew things up in a way Americans could be proud of. Rambo fought Russians when they were still evil, and single-handedly won the Vietnam War long after it was over. In doing so, he helped heal a nation.

Now, kids can relive the adventures of Rambo in these two discs from the Rambo animated series.

Volume 3 features the episodes "S.A.V.A.G.E. Island," "S.A.V.A.G.E. Rustlers," "S.A.V.A.G.E. Space," "Cult of the Cobra," "Death Merchant," "Subterranean Holdup," "Swamp Monster," "Warhawk's Fortress, "First Strike," and "Target: Supertanker." Evidently, the S.A.V.A.G.E.S. are bad!

Volume 4 features the episodes "Alpha, Arms & Ambush, Part 1," "Alpha, Arms & Ambush, Part 2," "Doomsday Machine," "Exercise in Terror," "Horror In the Highlands," "Deadly Keep," "Terror Beneath the Sea," "Turbo's Dilemma," "Crash," "Vote of Terror," and "Angel of Destruction."

Kids need heroes. Give 'em Rambo!

Get the Rambo Vol 3: S.A.V.A.G.E. Island DVD here!

Get the Rambo Vol 4: Up in Arms DVD here!

Midsomer Murders

Box Set 6

The British make a lot of great detective series, and this is one of them. In the cozy villages of Midsomer County, the unflappable detective Chief Inspector Barnaby (John Nettles) finds sinister secrets and malevolent mysteries that beg to be solved. Along with his eager assistant Edgar DeLindy, he unravels murder most foul and pins the crime on the deserving!

Guest stars include Honor Blackman, Susan Wooldridge, Isla Blair, Christopher Good, Phoebe Nicholls, Trevor Cooper, and Neville Phillips.

DVD extras include cast and crew biographies, filmographies, and production notes.

Solve the mystery of your boredom with this DVD set!

Watch a clip from Midsomer Murders Set 6 DVD here!

Get the Midsomer Murders Set 6 DVD here!


Volume 4

This box set of the hilarious fifth season of the classic Canadian sketch comedy show features the episodes "Towering Inferno," "Christmas Special," "Sweeps Week," and more! Guest stars include Robin Williams in the episode "Jane Eyrehead," and musical guests include John Mellencamp, Joe Walsh, and Crystal Gayle.

This season stars John Candy and introduces Martin Short and a little character named Ed Grimley.

Extras include three bonus episodes and a collectible set of character trading cards!

Take off to the great white north!

Get the SCTV - Vol. 4 DVD here!

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my dvd pick be ali g!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just have to get Smallville. I just love Tom Welling. Off to the video store I go.
I'm waiting for the better ones and more that aren't from the seventies and eighties
Nothing of interest this week. I'm just waiting for CSI but I'm gonna have to wait a long time.
Lots of good stuff, but nothing great. I won't be racing to the DVD store today.
all those shows coming out are boring except everybody loves raymond and cheers
Not a single intresting one this week..
My DVD pick of the week: Everybody Loves Raymond
YEA!!!! Smallville....One Tree Hill...
They turned "Rambo" into a kiddie show? Lord have mercy on us all...
Man What a great release Day I picked up The Cheers and Frasier plus alos the LAS Vegas and of course one of my personal favorites Everybody Loves Raymond. I love days like these.

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