September 6, 2005 DVD Releases



The Complete First Season

At long last: Lost! OK, it's been less than a year since Lost's first season premiered on ABC, but the surprise hit series nabbed an army of viewers within its first few exciting minutes. Fans became instantly wrapped up in the intriguing world of the mysterious Lost island and its stranded castaways, and this incredible DVD set certainly won't disappoint.

Meet the 48 survivors of Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 and learn a little more about one of them in each enthralling episode. Explore the lush but threatening jungle that holds them captive, and ask new questions as quickly as the old ones are answered. The realistic trials of surviving on the island intertwine with seemingly supernatural occurrences such as a 16-years-running SOS transmission, the strange beast lurking in the trees, and, of course, that puzzling locked hatch.

This seven-disc set comprises all 24 episodes of Lost's first season, plus an absolutely daunting array of extras. Commentary by producers and actors, audition tapes, deleted scenes, bloopers, featurettes, and a host of other treats await you inside this box. It's time to get Lost!

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The Complete Second Season

The Charmed ones are back for a second season of witchcraft, intrigue, and love on this six-disc, 22-episode DVD set. Prue (Shannen Doherty), Piper (Holly Marie Combs), and Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) use their individual and combined powers to navigate the sometimes-confusing world and fight the evil forces that set out to destroy them.

Season two of Charmed sees Prue seeking solace in new relationships after the crushing blow of Andy's death, Piper dealing with a complicated love triangle while struggling to open her own nightclub, and Phoebe hitting the books and the dating scene.

Enjoy favorite episodes like "Heartbreak City," "Chick Flick," and "Ex Libris," bask in the presence of the soon-to-be-replaced Doherty, and see the sisters help each other through life's triumphs and disasters. No extras here, but even without them, you're sure to be Charmed!

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Degrassi Junior High

Season Three

It's a brand new year at Degrassi Junior High, chock-full of those classic pubescent shenanigans that we could only expect from the DJH clan! Spike's back (with baby in tow); we find out what happens to Shane after that fateful Gourmet Scum concert; Wheels takes off to visit his real father...and more! As Season Three brims with relationship drama, we see if Joey and Caitlin will last all year, if Melanie and Snake will finally hook up a real date, and who will get to go out with hot high-school boy Clutch, after Erica reveals her crush on him. Of course, you'll be on the edge of your desk waiting to find out who's dealing with what this year as some of the DJH kids also tackle issues such as homosexuality, death, racism, anorexia, and alcoholism.

This three-disc set includes episodes like "Food for Thought," "Making Whoopee," "Black & White," and the absolutely epic series finale "Bye-Bye Junior High." Top it off with DVD featurette Degrassi Between Takes and you are guaranteed to get your Degrassi fix!

If you thought last season ruled the school, gear up for some high drama and more teen issues than ever as the Degrassi Junior High students wrestle with adolescence and all of the wonder it brings...(Description by Michelle Schlachta)

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The Complete Third Season

When MacGyver premiered in 1985, it gave viewers a new kind of hero. Richard Dean Anderson played the ingenious secret agent who shuns weapons and violence in favor of last-minute contraptions made of any handy objects. The acrophobic pacifist was a force to be reckoned with, especially as his foes often made the deadly mistake of underestimating the power of his brain.

This five-disc, 20-episode, no-frills DVD set gives us MacGyver at its finest with thrilling episodes like "Lost Love," "The Widowmaker," and "Mask of the Wolf." Join our brave hero and friends Pete Thornton (Dana Elcar) and Jack Dalton (Bruce McGill) as they stand up to an army of bad guys, arch enemy Murdoc (Michael Des Barres), and one exhilarating situation after another. MacGyver is certain to invent a way to win your heart!

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21 Jump Street

The Complete Third Season

21 Jump Street is back on DVD for a third season, and our favorite undercover cops are still infiltrating high schools to solve and prevent crime. The devastating young Johnny Depp stars as Tom Hanson, who teams up with fellow officers Harry Ioki, Judy Hoffs, and Doug Penhall to tackle tough cases involving heavy subjects such as teen pregnancy, child abuse, murder, drugs, and more.

This season saw Richard Grieco join the 21 Jump Street cast as racist cop Dennis Booker, who is assigned as Hanson's new partner. The two butt heads at first, but eventually become a great pair. Episodes like "Fun with Animals," "The Currency we Trade In," and "Whose Choice Is it Anyway?" deliver intelligent renderings of serious topics while keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. Pared down and free of extras, this set delivers exactly what you need and nothing more.

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The Complete Third Season

Millennium, Chris Carter's X-Files follow-up series, focused on ex-FBI profiler Frank Black, who is blessed--or cursed--with the ability to see into the minds of serial killers. When Frank left the FBI and joined the Millennium Group, he thought he was becoming part of an underground organization dedicated to stopping the forces of evil. Unfortunately, Frank soon discovered that the group had masterminded the viral plague that killed his wife and thousands of other innocent people. Can Frank return to the FBI and reveal the truth about the Millennium Group without its members taking deadly revenge against him?

This is the third and last season of Millennium, and Frank has teamed up with Special Agent Emma Hollis in his attempt to deliver justice on the Millennium Group. This season we learn about how the lovely but evil Lucy Butler is still trying to bring Frank over to the dark side, and we become more acquainted with Frank's daughter Jordan. Everything comes together in the shocking series finale. This set includes six discs, 23 episodes, audio commentary, and the special seventh-season X-Files episode that tied up Millennium's remaining loose ends.

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Doogie Howser, MD

Season Two

Who can't recall the gentle blue glow of Doogie's computer screen as he typed in his bedtime reflections at the end of each Doogie Howser, MD episode? His journal entries may have been sappy, his theme song may have been maddening, but the charm and brilliance of the teenaged surgeon won him fans throughout early 1990s America.

After a first season spent finding his footing in the adult world of a medical residency, Doogie now attempts to balance his personal life with his career. The young doctor's best friend, Vinnie, offers constant comic relief, and his girlfriend, Wanda, brings a deeper emotional element to the show. Serious themes like adolescent sex, the death of Wanda's mother, and Doogie's lost youth are balanced with silly storylines like Vinnie's attempt at filming a horror movie.

Revisit the show that gave Neil Patrick Harris his inescapable identity as Doogie Howser, MD!

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Doctor Who

The Mind Robber (Episode 45)

Horror of Fang Rock (Episode 92)

Warner Home Video has released two more single-disc Doctor Who DVDs, each neatly encapsulating a well-loved story arc from the longest-running science fiction series in history. The mysterious Doctor and his faithful TARDIS time machine travel to weird and dangerous destinations in these engaging tales.

"The Mind Robber," one of the few preserved episodes from the Patrick Troughton era, sees the Doctor and friends Jamie (Frazier Hines) and Zoe (Wendy Padbury) stranded in a strange place that can only be described as "nowhere." Fictional characters like Rapunzel, Lemuel Gulliver, and Blackbeard the Pirate are controlled by the domineering Master, whom the doctor must engage in a battle for the safety of himself, his friends, and Earth itself. Check out extras like audio commentary, a 22-minute interview with Frazier Hines, a making-of documentary, and more!

Once you've gotten your mind back from the "Robber," you'll want to pay a visit to Fang Rock. Doctor Who--portrayed here by Tom Baker--and his companion Leela (Louise Jameson) appear without fanfare on a foggy, isolated island featuring a strange lighthouse operated by a craggy old man. A ship runs aground, the survivors seek refuge, and Doctor Who and Leela become suspects in the bizarre deaths that ensue. Special features include production notes, a photo gallery, a short film on Doctor Who collectibles, and two featurettes. Discover the secret of Fang Rock!

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Power Rangers SPD

Stakeout (Volume 2)

Wired (Volume 3)

This reincarnation of the Power Rangers series is set 15 years in the future, when three Ranger Academy cadets are joined by two rookies in the battle against an invading alien army. These DVD releases follow the Space Patrol Delta team through two thrilling adventures that are sure to enthrall and entertain.

"Stakeout" finds the A-squad missing in action, and the captive humans are being turned into dolls by the evil Mora and the misguided Sam. Can Bridge and Z bring the team together to save the day once more? If so, they'd better do it fast--before their friends are doomed to remain as toys forever!

In "Wired," Emperor Grumm attempts to defeat Commander Cruger for good--and the Rangers must rely on one another more than ever before. Our heroes face formidable new enemies and gain exciting new powers as they defend Earth from epic disasters and attacks. Go, Rangers!

Get the Power Rangers SPD: Stakeout DVD here!

Get the Power Rangers SPD: Wired DVD here!


Scary House


Ghost Next Door

Here are three new Goosebumps discs, packed with enough wonderfully terrifying stories to keep viewers wide-eyed and white-knuckled for hours!

"Scary House," follows Goosebumps kids into one haunted abode after another. In "The House of No Return," new-kid-on-the-block Chris Wakely is desperate to join The Danger Club, a local society limited to only the bravest of members. In order to be accepted, he must spend an entire night in the Willow Hill House, which is full of ghostly inhabitants who want Chris to stay with them forever. "The Haunted House Game" shows us how Nadine Platt and Jonathan Hall discover a creepy box while exploring a strange old house, and then find themselves suddenly inside a terrible game of ghosts and ghouls. Will they be able to find their way home?

"Chillogy," the first-ever Goosebumps miniseries, introduces us to Jessica, Matthew, and Todd. The three children are lured by the spooky Karl into the world of an antique model town, where nothing--including the trio's own personalities--is as it seems. Watch as the kids try desperately to destroy the town before it destroys them.

Hannah's neighborhood suddenly gets a lot eerier with the arrival of a pale young boy who announces himself as her new neighbor. His house appears deserted, his parents are nowhere to be seen, and he somehow disappears each time Hannah tries to wrest an answer from him. Could Hannah's new neighbor be "The Ghost Next Door?"

Get the Goosebumps: Scary House DVD here!

Get the Goosebumps: Chillogy DVD here!

Get the Goosebumps: Ghost Next Door DVD here!

So Little Time

The Complete Series

Haven't seen enough of the Olsen twins lately? Well, get ready to smile--for the complete series of So Little Time has arrived on DVD. After the end of Full House, the short-lived Two of a Kind, and a slew of sisterhood films, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen team up again for this fabulous ABC Family sitcom.

Starring as Riley and Chloe Carlson, the twins dive into young womanhood and all that it entails: high school struggles, cute boys, first jobs, and the never-ending trials of life in an unconventional family. This four-disc set brings together all 26 episodes of So Little Time, along with a photo gallery and a hilarious behind-the-scenes featurette. You've got a little time for So Little Time!

Get the So Little Time DVD here!

Fraggle Rock

The Complete First Season

Volume 4: Doin' Things That Doozers Do

Dive down the mysterious hole in Doc and Sprocket's workshop, and into the magical land of Fraggle Rock! Sing the theme song you know by heart, relive your favorite childhood TV memories, or meet the fantastic Fraggles for the first time.

Season one of Fraggle Rock introduces us to Gobo, Wembley, Boober, and the rest of Jim Henson's cast of lovable creations. The Fraggles take us on fun adventures with a moral and a rockin' beat with four discs, 24 episodes, and special features, such as a replica of Jim Henson's original Fraggle Rock notepad, cast and creator interviews, and a behind-the-scenes documentary narrated by Henson himself.

Learn about friendship and tolerance with "Doin' Things That Doozers Do," a collection of two Fraggle Rock episodes that focus on Cotterpin Doozer, one of the tiny builders who is constantly constructing intricate structures that are later eaten by the ravenous Fraggles. In "Red's Club," the energetic Red Fraggle starts her own club--but the only other person who'll join is Cotterpin. "The Trial of Cotterpin Doozer" finds the petite worker on trial for the crime of consorting with Fraggles. Can she prove to the Doozers that Fraggles aren't so bad after all?

Watch a clip from the Fraggle Rock DVD here!

Get the Fraggle Rock: The Complete First Season DVD here!

Get the Fraggle Rock: Doin' Things That Doozers Do DVD here!

The Bullwinkle Show

The Complete Season Three

Rocky, Bullwinkle, and friends are back for a third season of delightful adventures. Mature social satire blends with silly fun in this groundbreaking cartoon that certainly influenced later hits like SpongeBob SquarePants and The Simpsons.

Bad guys Boris Badinov and Natasha Fatale and a host of other nefarious enemies are out to get the moose-and-squirrel duo in this hilarious third season, which includes episodes such as "Rue Britannia," "The Three Mooseketeers," and "Lazy Jay Ranch."

Four discs, 33 episodes, and uncountable laughs are included in this beautifully packaged set, which no true Bullwinkle fan should be without!

Watch a clip from The Bullwinkle Show DVD here!

Get the The Bullwinkle Show DVD here!

Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids

Fat Albert's Halloween Special

This animated series about a group of Philadelphia teens was based on Bill Cosby's famous monologues about his childhood. Humor and music wove a web of entertainment around serious topics that made sure viewers learned a lesson from each episode.

"Fat Albert's Halloween Special" aired in a prime-time slot, allowing families to come together for some spooky October fun. Rudy, Devray, and the Cosby brood think up scores of practical jokes to play on the neighborhood's residents, but of course they soon discover that making mischief at the expense of others is often far less fun than it would seem. A visit to Old Lady Blackwell's house gives the gang a real scare, and when one young girl disappears into the house, the kids must face the consequences of their careless actions. But is Old Lady Blackwell really as mean as everyone thinks? Join Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids on this crisp Halloween night to find out the answer!

Get the Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids DVD here!

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Sep 10, 2005
Yay! More Goosebumps DVDs!
Sep 07, 2005
I can't wait to get charmed season 2
Sep 07, 2005
The only one I'm interested in here is MacGyver. I am impatiently waiting for JAG!!! Here's hoping it will be soon. I purchased the first season of Renegade when it was released but I guess there wasn't enough interest in it. Too Bad!!! The second season was scheduled to be out quite some time ago, but hasn't shown up yet. I'm also hoping for Early Edition, but haven't heard anything about that one either.
Sep 06, 2005
Lost is awesome can't wait for next season.
Sep 06, 2005
Yea! Goosebumps!
Sep 06, 2005
Charmed! Charmed! Charmed!
Sep 06, 2005
I'm gonna go out and buy Lost today!!!! :)
Sep 06, 2005
I just got the DVD of Lost season 1. A lot of T.V tonight.
Sep 06, 2005
what is this "Lost" show i keep hearing about?
Sep 06, 2005
Must..resist..getting Lost....
Sep 06, 2005
I just got season 2 of 21 Jump Street and now season 3 is out!!!! I guess I'll be spending all of my vacation this week in the recliner watching Jump Street.
Sep 06, 2005
Finally I have been waiting for the lost DVD!! I want to go buy it rite now!

Also the Bulwinkle show is awesome too. I might buy that. Good selection!