Sesame Street Goes GaGa

Grover can't text you with a drink in his hand, ey.


... According to Time, these ten shows have overstayed their welcome on TV.

... You can now purchase an Ellen comic book.

... Schrute Farms—yes, the fictional beet-themed B&B; from The Officeis receiving real reviews online.

... A comforting observation: TV is becoming more family-friendly.

... Check out this campy-yet-sexy new promo for Castle, featuring Stana Katic in a skimpy dress and Nathan Fillion doing his best eyebrow-raise.

... This kiddie version of Scarface has been circling the 'net—but I don't find it that funny. What say ye?

... Sawyer from Lost has a favorite phrase. I'll give you one guess what it is.

... My fascination with/admiration for Brian Williams continues: Last night on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, he slow-jammed the news.

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