Seth Rogen Could Have Been Entourage's Turtle?

... Call this the slow news day edition. Seth Rogen, he who somehow managed to become a Hollywood leading man, was once considered for the part of Turtle in HBO's horrible Entourage. The odd thing is the show has dissed Rogen in its pathetic excuse for dialogue (one character said Rogen was ugly) after Rogen publicly announced he didn't find the show funny. This started a feud between Rogen and show creator Doug Ellin that I've already wasted too much time talking about just by writing this sentence. Man, Entourage sucks. [TV Guide]

... Part one of today's former-pop-star news: Cyndi Lauper may be the next subject of a reality show. I approve of this. Lauper is a totally lovable nutjob, thanks to years of bleaching her hair and brain cells. The show will document her life with her husband and 12-year-old son, and will be produced by reality guru Mark Burnett. And if you didn't feel old enough already, get this: Lauper is 57 years old. [Star Magazine]

... Part two of today's former-pop-star news: SyFy has pitted all sorts of ungodly creatures against each other in its Saturday-night creature features, but the network has saved the best for now! Debbie Gibson (Electric Youth!) and Tiffany (saccharine covers of old songs!) are lined up to star in Mega Python vs. Gatoroid!!!! I just reread that last sentence. Holy s***. [SyFy via press release]

... Sports fans, take note: Showtime is considering a late-night sports talk show featuring... brace yourselves... the totally biased chatter of Steven A. Smith. If you don't know who Smith is, consider yourself lucky. His idea of "sports talk" is screaming at you and loving guys from the street. In short, he's a bigoted moron with a chip on his shoulder. This makes HBO's Joe Buck Live look like a brilliant maneuver. [LA Times]

... AMC is reportedly close to picking up The Wreck, a show about a college football team in the South that brings its once-storied reputation back up to snuff thanks to a very determined coach. Yes, it's from the same guy who brought us The Blindside. And yes, it sounds like a Friday Night Lights ripoff. [The Live Feed]

... Blah blah The Bachelorette blah blah Jake Pavelka blah blah breakup blah blah Vienna Girardi blah blah. In case you care, ABC is supposedly planning to reunite the pair for a special July 5 edition of The Bachelorette. I hope they tear each other's eyes out with cheese graters. [Extra TV and Mario Lopez's sculpted abs]

... And finally, some good news. CBS has asked Regis Philbin to host the 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. And apparently he actually said "yes." This star-studded event will also feature Jeff Foxworthy, Wayne Brady, Vanessa Marcil, and Alex Trebeck. What a gala! [The Live Feed]

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