Seven set to open the door to Thank God You're Here

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Open the blue door and you never know what's on the other side. And so it is in television after Channel TEN found it had been trumped by the Seven Network late last year when it swooped on the hit comedy series, Thank God You're Here.

This month Seven will unveil the new series in which celebrities are forced to act their way out of hilarious situations while thinking on their feet. No script, no idea, no care -- we just love the laughs it brings.

Still hosted by Shane Bourne (City Homicide), the series will return with its ensemble regulars Heidi Arena, Daniel Cordeaux, Roz Hammond, Ed Kavalee and Nicola Parry. Tom Gleisner also returns as judge.

"Thank God You're Here is all about peril," says Gleisner. "Watching our fabulous performers cope with whatever we throw at them. This season we really look forward to making the show even more exciting and unpredictable. In terms of scenarios, we've got bigger sets, more elaborate props and -- hopefully -- enough rubber safety matting to ensure all our guests make it back out the blue door in one piece."

The series is, of course, produced by the celebrated Working Dog, whose other shows include The Hollowmen, Frontline and The Panel.

The loss of Thank God You're Here was a major blow to TEN. It had wanted the series back on air in 2008. But the Working Dog troupe are notorious for keeping series runs short and leaving audiences, and usually network executives, wanting more. So far there is no word on a third series of The Hollowmen for the ABC either.

There were also rumours of $1 million per episode paid by Seven, a claim that has been denied. It's an extraordinary price tag, at least 30 per cent more than the cost of producing local drama. Also on the rumour mill are some names said to be early guests on the show: Hamish Blake, Rob Carlton, Peter Rowsthorn and UK comedian Josie Long. We'll know soon enough.

It returns to television 7:30pm Wednesday April 29 on Seven.

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Apr 06, 2009
I'd like to know exactly HOW Ten let Seven get their hands on this show. It was a top-rater for them, I thought they'd pay anything to keep it. Very, very odd.