Seven Surprising Moments from Sunday's Mad Men

As I predicted last week, last night’s episode of Mad Men set off a few bombs. Let’s review the jaw-dropping moments from Season 4’s penultimate episode, “Blowing Smoke.”

1. Betty (January Jones) did not get mad at Sally (Kiernan Shipka) for asking to eat her dinner with the adults. But Betty hasn't outgrown her childish ways just yet—she's decided to move the family out of the Draper house just to punish Sally for hanging out with Glen.

2. Midge (Rosemarie DeWitt) made a comeback—as a heroin addict! Even more surprising was the fact that Don (Jon Hamm) refused her indecent proposal. Maybe he really is growing up.

3. Don took took out a full-page anti-tobacco ad in the New York Times—and also took the fate of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce into his own hands.

4. Senator Robert Kennedy called Don’s line directly. Uh, WHAT?

5. Sike! PPO's Ted Chaough (Kevin Rahm) was just messing with Don. (That accent wasn’t so great anyway.) But seriously, how could would it have been for Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce to work on that political campaign?

6. A bunch of people got laid off—except for the important ones, of course. [Side note: Did anyone else notice the parallels from the end of last season? Season 3’s triumphant finale was entitled, “Shut the Door. Have a Seat.” But in last night’s episode, Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) asked nervously, “Should I shut the door? Should I sit down?”]

7. Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce got a call from the American Cancer Society. Will all the smoking finally cease?

Which moments from last night’s episode made your jaw drop? And what do you think will happen in the season finale?

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Oct 12, 2010
Wow these moments are really "JAW DROPPING"! Mad Men seriously has to be the most boring show ever. "The Office" but with no humor and bad acting. I don't understand.
Oct 12, 2010
I think the name of the firm is going to be "Sterling, Campbell, Draper, Pryce". That way they won't have to change the logo.
Oct 11, 2010
Some people have complained Don's NY Times page wasn't written all that great but I found it to be awesome.

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