Sex-swapping headed to Fox

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Kevin Falls' time away from television didn't last long. After seeing his time-jumping drama Journeyman sputter after 13 episodes on NBC, Falls is back in the biz.

Fox likes what it saw from Falls' adaptation of the Argentine soapy miniseries Lalola and has ordered a pilot of the hour-long show, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Tentatively titled Eva Adams, the program's premise will be familiar to anyone who has seen the mediocre 1991 comedy Switch. A sexist pig working at a sports management firm gets turned into a woman by a witch. He's supposed to learn a lesson about how women are treated, but will probably just make a ton of jokes about how cool it is to have boobs.

In other biz news, Bill Martin and Mike Schiff (Cavemen) have been attached to the CBS comedy We Need Girlfriends as showrunners. The show, based on a series of YouTube videos (seriously?), follows three chums who were recently dumped by their better halves.

Also, Bob DeLaurentis (The O.C.) and Noah Hawley have been pegged as showrunners for The Unusuals, which Hawley created.

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