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For those of you who are just now tuning in, to stem the tide of boredom during these last few weeks of summer as we wait for the start of the fall season, we're holding a bit of a popularity contest to find out who is the fairest TV couple of the them all. Or the wittiest. Or the evilest. Or the funniest. Or... you get the picture. Cast your votes based on whatever criteria you choose, and once we've named the "best" couple from each featured series, we'll lock them all up and cage-match this B. Also, if there are any shows/couples that you'd like to see make an appearance in future rounds, leave 'em in the comments!

Downton Abbey

Branson & Sybil

Status: Over! (Branson's now a widower and Baby Sybil is now an orphan) 

THAT WAS SO RUDE, DOWNTON, what with the BABY and the "SEXISM, CLASSISM, AND ALL THE OTHER -ISMS IS BAD, MMMKAY" and the BABY. AND BRANSON. AND BABY. Brb, crying until I dehydrate and then thinking about life and stuff.

Matthew & Mary

Status: Over! (Mary's now a widow)

Well, I have no more tears to cry because I'm dehydrated. Back to thinking about the futility of life and also contemplating Julian Fellowes' apparent orphan fetish.

Strallan & Edith

Status: Over!

Guys, this has truly been the rudest season of Downton ever...but I also LOLed because it's Edith. Poor Edith.

Gregson & Edith

Status: It's complicated!

They're kind of perfect except for that whole he's-married-and-his-wife-is-in-a-mental-hospital-and-he's-legally-not-allowed-to-divorce-her thing. Poor Edith. Again.

Jimmy & Thomas

Status: An HR nightmare!

O'Brien's manipulation caused a malfunction in Thomas's gaydar and things got awkward—and then less awkward—but still pretty awkward. 

Robert & Cora

Status: Married!

Though the manner in which the grieving parents were brought back together is admittedly kind of icky, we all breathed a sigh of relief when Cora let Robert out of the doghouse. 

Bates & Anna

Status: Married!

Not even a jail sentence for a crime Mr. Bates didn't commit could keep these two apart, and even though that whole miserable prison storyline went on for entirely too long, we still love them. Right?

The Americans

Philip & Elizabeth

Status: It's complicated!

Everybody's favorite Soviet secret agents play the part of apple-pie-and-picket-fence-loving Americans like pros—cuz they ARE—but behind their sham marriage there are some real feelings and some real kids and a whole lot of baggage. 

"Clark" & Martha

Status: Married!

Poor, dumb Martha. 

Elizabeth & Gregory

Status: Over!

R.I.P., Gregory. 

Philip & Irina

Status: Over! But you never know!

Elizabeth isn't the only Jennings with strong feelings for an ex—and in Philip's case, there's a secret son in the mix! If Philip could make it work, he probably would. 

Nina & Stan

Status: Together! But also it's complicated!

In the Season 1 finale, Stan promised Nina he'd help even though the big plan didn't work, and she planted one on him in response. But she's working everybody, and they're basically as clandestine as can be. Still, they're going strong for the time being

Stan & Sandra

Status: Technically still married but waaaaay on the rocks!

Sandra turned down Stan's offer of a tropical vacation—arranged via Phillip and Elizabeth's travel agency!—so it would seem their union is over. It's not official yet, though.

Paige & Matthew

Status: Budding young love!

Paige got jealous when that rocker chick showed up, but it seems like these two might be the next Dana and Finn. Too bad poor neither of them has any idea they'd be sleeping with the "enemy."

Spartacus: War of the Damned

Crixius & Naevia

Status: Over! (Technically!)

At least they went out like badasses?

Spartacus & Laeta

Status: Over! (Technically!)

She grew on me enough that I was glad that she lived. I still kind of prefer Sparty and Mira from Blood and Sand, but you know, dude was destined to die in battle, might as well give him someone to hook up with beforehand. 

Agron & Nasir

Status: Together!


Saxa & Belesa

Status: Over! (Technically!)

At least Saxa got over Gannicus before being slaughtered?

Gannicus & Saxa

Status: Over!

Idk, they made me laugh with their drunken antics. I was bummed when they broke up, mostly because Whatserface was a total buzzkill.

Gannicus & Whatsherface (Sibyl)

Status: Over! (Technically!)

At least Gannicus found true love before getting crucified? 

Crassus & Kore

Status: Over!

I don't even know where to start with these two.

Mad Men

Don & Megan

Status: Still married... technically... maybe... but maybe not! 

We didn't think they'd make it. Between Don going back to his old ways—and then tossing a few extra-douchey cherries on top—and Megan giving off a ton of Sharon Tate vibes, we really thought she would end up dead or they would split by the end of the season. Megan basically asked for a divorce in the Season 6 finale after Don's westward-leaning plans changed, and we don't really expect to see them together when the show returns.

Betty & Henry

Status: Married!

"Why don't you go in there and rape her? I'll hold her arms down." Uhhhh...

Don & Betty

Status: Still over! But amicable! 

Yup, they're still super-over, but after a few seasons of hating each others' guts and getting kind of kooky about it, *cough* Betty *cough*,  those two crazy kids hooked up at Bobby Draper's summer-camp slumber party and ended up being waaaaaay more interesting as... whatever they currently are... than they ever were back when they were married.

Don & Sylvia

Status: Over!

Ahhh yes, that awkward moment when your teenage daughter walks in on you porking the MILF who lives downstairs. Never ends well. 

Pete & Trudy

Status: It's complicated!

I was actually kind of sad that Trudy and Pete broke up, because in a lesser-of-so-many-evils kind of way, Trudy and Pete were one of the more welladjusted couples on Mad Men. Still, Pete did bang their neighbor. Not sure what it means for their future, but by the end of last season, they seemed to've reached point where they could be nice to one another again.

Mrs. Campbell & Manolo

Status: It's complicated!

We shouldn't laugh. Taking advantage of a senile old rich lady and then feeding her to sharks on your honeymoon isn't funny. 

Who am I kidding? Yes it is. 

Peggy & Ted

Status: Over!

Poor Peggy. :(

Peggy & Abe

Status: Over!

Hey guys, remember that time Peggy shanked Abe with a homemade spear? That was great. 

The Vampire Diaries

Damon & Elena

Status: Together! 

After four extremely long years of unresolved sexual tension and eye sex, Elena finally chose Damon and gave TVD's big love triangle some much-needed rest.

Stefan & Elena

Status: Over!

Once Elena became a vampire, this perfectly sweet relationship was doomed to fail. But it's cool, because Stefan currently has bigger things to worry about. Like being trapped at the bottom of a lake.

Caroline & Tyler

Status: Together!

Well, technically. They're still a pair, but Tyler was forced to leave Mystic Falls to stay alive in the middle of Season 4, and we're not sure how much of a part he'll play in Season 5 now that Klaus has removed the bullseye from his back. 

Caroline & Klaus

Status: It's complicated!

Technically, they're not a couple, but he draws her pictures of horses and she sent him her graduation announcement. And after he showed up and decapitated someone with a mortarboard he told her, "[Tyler's] your first love. I intend to be your last." Swoon.

Bonnie & Jeremy

Status: It's complicated!

He was dead. Now he's not. She was alive. Now she's not. Yeah, complicated. 

Matt & Rebekah

Status: Together?

She saved his life in the Season 4 finale after nearly killing him in the Season 3 finale. My, how times have changed. They're spending the summer traveling the globe. Ah, young (for Matt) love.

Damon & Alaric

Status: It's complicated!

Alaric might be dead, but that's just a minor hiccup in this bromance. He sticks by Damon's side as a ghost, talking to him when he's depressed, and saving his life when the veil between the living and dead is down.

Vote away, my pretties!

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