'Shipping Wars, Heat 3: Game of Thrones, Glee, Arrow, Parks and Recreation, and Bones

Round 3—DING! I think you know the drill by now, but if you're just catching up, vote for your favorite couple, get into passionate debates in the comments, and if you'd like to see any specific shows/couples in the next round, let us know! 

Heat 1: New Girl, The Big Bang Theory, Raising Hope, and How I Met Your Mother

Heat 2: The Vampire Diaries, Mad Men, Downton Abbey, The Americans, and Spartacus

Have fun!


Due to the recent loss of Cory Monteith, we thought long and hard about how to include Glee in this fun. We certainly wanted to involve the Gleeks (<3 u) but with so much up in the air right now concerning the show—and more importantly, a lot of sadness out there in the real world—let's please be gentle, k? K. 

Mr. Schue & Emma

Status: Married!

Finally. They were engaged. They weren't engaged. Emma kissed Finn. Schue ripped off Lloyd Dobler. Now they'll live happily ever after until Murphy and Co. need them not to. 

Blaine & Kurt 

Status: It's complicated!

They broke up. They cried. They slept together. They cried. They cried some more. Blaine wants to propose to Kurt because teenage marriage has always worked out really well for everyone in the past and it doesn't matter that they aren't even technically together at the moment because TRUE LOVE. 

Brody & Rachel

Status: Over!

Poor gigolo Brody. It's okay, boo. Go back to banging teachers. 

Rachel & Finn

Status: Over.


Quinn & Santana

Status: It's complicated!

Okay, it probably isn't actually all that complicated. They hooked up at Schue and Emma's not-a-wedding and the internet cheered. Whether it goes any further than a one-night stand is anyone's guess.

Santana & Brittany

Status: It's over!

Santana was one of those awesome girlfriends who dumps you and then gets all pissy and possessive when you move on. 

Sam & Brittany

Status: It's complicated!

One of the more stable relationships for most of Season 4, they almost made it, until Brittany accidentally got accepted to MIT and broke things off. She apologized during the finale, though, and chalked up the separation to her fear of the future, rather than a sudden lack of attraction to Froggy Lips. 

Jake & Marley

Status: Together!

Ugh. It's like that time Puck and Rachel were a thing, but worse because it's not Puck and Rachel. 

Ryder & Marley

Status: It's complicated!

Or maybe it's just over. They sort of pined for each other and kissed that one time, but Ryder told everyone to go DIAF after that catfishing thing, including Marley. 

Puck & Kitty

Status: It's over!

To be fair, it was only barely a thing to begin with. 

Ryder & Unique

Status: Really, really awkward... and sad.

Unique decided to catfish Ryder because girl power or something. Marley tried to cover for Unique, Ryder got pissed, and when Unique came clean, Ryder got even more pissed. "I'm not gonna punch in the face," he told Unique, "but I'm also never gonna talk to you ever again. Ouch. 


Brennan & Booth

Status: It's complicated!

Well... at least he proposed? (No, actually that was still a giant sadfest.)

Sweets & Daisy

Status: Over/it's complicated!

After deciding to cohabitate, things crumbled quickly: The couple rented an apartment together early in Season 8, but then Sweets broke up with Daisy and spent two weeks living in his office and moping. Eventually Sweets moved in with Booth and Brennan, and his future with Daisy is currently a question mark. 

Cam & Arastoo

Status: Together!

After a secret courtship (he even wrote her poetry!), they finally told the rest of the Jeffersonian team they were dating late in Season 8. So far as we know, they're very happy.

Hodgins & Angela

Status: Married!

Despite their rough start way back when and a few bumps along the way, the artist and the nerd are still together as we head into Season 9.

Game of Thrones

Tyrion Lannister & Sansa Stark

Status: Married!

The first of Tywin's arranged unions to actually take place, the hitching of Tyrion and Sansa was actually kind of humiliating—King Joffrey, as you might expect, is a pretty rude wedding guest. Tyrion has been nothing but kind to Sansa since they begrudgingly said their I Dos—per her wishes, they haven't even slept together! But if he doesn't put a baby in her fast, Tywin won't be pleased, to say the least. 

Tyrion Lannister & Shae

Status: It's complicated!

Tyrion loves Shae but he married Sansa because his daddy said he had to. Naturally, Shae didn't take the news very well. She isn't exactly the "forgiving" type. 

Margaery Tyrell & King Joffrey

Status: Betrothed!

Margaery's a beautiful, intelligent lady, Joffrey's a whiny monster, and the pillars of their marriage will be politics and power. All we know is that WE wouldn't want to sleep anywhere near that crossbow-brandishing maniac. 

Ygritte & Jon Snow

Status: It's complicated!

It's probably safe to assume that any relationship that ends with your girlfriend shooting multiple arrows into your back while you flee like a girl is probably not going anywhere anytime soon.

Cersei Lannister & Jaime Lannister

Status: It's complicated!

One day these two will probably look back on the good old days of Season 1 and reminisce over how the worst part of their brother-sister love used to be that sometimes it required throwing children out windows. As opposed to knowing their incest is responsible for King Joffrey. And what's Cersei gonna say about Jaime's missing hand?

Cersei Lannister & Ser Loras Tyrell

Status: Betrothed!

He likes boys. She likes her brother. Tywin's using them both as pawns. If that's not a recipe for a wedded bliss, I don't know what is!

Robb Stark & Talisa Maegyr

Status: Over!

He's dead. She's dead. The baby's dead. Everyone is dead, dead, dead.

Samwell Tarly & Gilly Craster

Status: It's complicated!

Sam totally has the hots for her and he even saved her from a White Walker that one time! But she views him as more of a brother than anything else. 

Theon Greyjoy & Ramsay Snow

Status: It's torture!

Ramsay sure has a unique idea of foreplay, and this storyline was Season 3's worst. But assuming Theon survives, maybe there's a chance he'll come down with Stockholm Syndrome? 

Actually, we wouldn't bet on it. Not after this:  

Ser Edmure Tully & Walder Frey's non-ugly daughter

Status: Married!

Edmure was pleasantly surprised by the looks of his young bride, but wethinks he's gonna have a tough time getting along with his new father-in-law. 

Stannis Baratheon & Melisandre

Status: It's complicated!

Oh man is this guy whipped. Stannis! She's taking advantage of you! She turned your manly seed into a murderous shadow baby! She's into some reallllly weird shit! You gotta get outta there!

Dany Targaryen & Daario Naharis

Status: It's only a matter of time before they start gettin' it on

Ser Jorah is gonna be pissed

Brienne of Tarth & Jaime Lannister

Status: It's complicated!

You know how sometimes it's kind of awkward when you're someone's prisoner and then that someone shows you their junk to prove a point and you eventually have to save them from being mauled by a bear for sport and later you have a heart-to-heart in a hot tub? No? Well, it definitely puts a damper on romance, that's for sure.

Arya Stark & The Hound

Status: It's complicated!

She goes to sleep every night reciting her kill list, and his name is on it. He just wanted to sell her back to her own family to make a quick buck. But now they kinda need each other, much as they might hate to admit it.

Dany Targaryen & all her new "children"

Status: Together!

The "kids" seem kinda clingy, though.

Parks and Recreation

Ann Perkins & Chris Traeger

Status: It's complicated!

He agreed to be her baby daddy and there was bonding and an apparent reconciliation but also second thoughts and second thoughts ruin EVERYTHING.

April Ludgate & Andy Dwyer

Status: Married!

Their Season 3 hitching may have been a spur-of-the-moment decision, but April and Andy are still going strong. Andy may have stayed behind when April left for a stint in D.C., but they bridged the gap with care packages. Care packages are the best. Sure, there may be challenges ahead, but we're pretty confident they'll handle them with aplomb.

Tom Haverford & Mona Lisa

Status: It's complicated?

And super weird. But mostly hilarious. <3

Ron Swanson & Diane

Status: Together... and it's complicated!

...and baby makes three. 

Jerry & Gayle Gergich

Status: Married!

Word on the street is that Jerry only has eyes for two things: Gayle and pound cake. They're so presh.  

Ben Wyatt & Leslie Knope

Status: Married!

And their wedding was perfect and they lived happily ever after.


Ollie Queen & Laurel Lance

Status: Together!

Ollie cheated on Laurel with her little sister Sara, kinda-sorta leading to Sara's death—so they've got baggage. She doesn't know that he's the Vigilante, but she has noticed that he's no longer a giant man-child. Yay?

Ollie Queen & Sara Lance

Status: Over!

He dated her on a whim because his thing with Laurel got too serious for his dude-bro mentality to handle. Then she got sucked out of a boat. Byeeee. 

Tommy Merlyn & Laurel Lance

Status: Over!

Heeeeey Tommy, don't you hate it when your girlfriend's dead ex-boyfriend ends up being alive and also totally jacked, tattooed, and refreshingly mature? The good news is that you too now qualify as an official Laurel Lance Dead Ex-Boyfriend, which means that you too now qualify for a good old-fashioned resurrection. Maybe.

Ollie Queen & Felicity Smoak

Status: Together only in Felicity's head (and our hearts)

Just because it hasn't happened yet doesn't mean it's not real. As Ollie's go-to tech gal and one of his best friends, Felicity gets to see his abs on a daily basis. That's more than enough to sustain a relationship.

Thea Queen & Roy Harper

Status: Together!

Aww, love at first purse-snatching. 

Ollie Queen & Helena Bertinelli

Status: Over!

They dated for like ten seconds and then she dumped him because he was clearly still pining for Laurel. She also didn't appreciate it when Ollie wouldn't let her kill her father. But it's not like Ollie was thrilled that time Helena tried to kill him. What a mess.

Ollie Queen & McKenna Hall

Status: Over!

They were old friends who dated for a hot second when she was working on a case that he had an interest in. Then Helena Bertinelli shot her and she moved to Coast City for rehab. The end.

Moira Queen & Walter Steele

Status: Over!

Walter served Moira with divorce papers in the penultimate episode of the season. Being kidnapped and stuff really changes a person. 

John Diggle & Carly Diggle

Status: Super messed up, man!

You can't date your former sister-in-law unless your dead brother was a huge asshole. Or your name is Boyd Crowder. Last we checked, Diggle's brother was neither.

Malcolm Merlyn & The Scenery

Status: It's complicated!

We saw Ollie stab Malcolm with an arrow, but we never saw the body. Is it possible John Barrowman will return to chew some more scenery in Season 2?

Now go forth and vote! And feel free to make a case for your favorite couples in the comments. 


Heat 1: New GirlThe Big Bang TheoryRaising Hope, and How I Met Your Mother

Heat 2: The Vampire DiariesMad MenDownton AbbeyThe Americans, and Spartacus

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