'Shipping Wars, Heat 4: Grey's Anatomy, Grimm, Revenge, Hart of Dixie, and Pretty Little Liars

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Okay, kids, the competition is heating up! Keep voting for your faves and leave your show/couple requests in the comments. After this, we'll do a fifth and final heat, followed by a championship round. 

Heat 1: New GirlThe Big Bang TheoryRaising Hope, and How I Met Your Mother

Heat 2: The Vampire DiariesMad MenDownton AbbeyThe Americans, and Spartacus

Heat 3: Game of Thrones, Glee, Arrow, Parks and Recreation, and Bones

Grey's Anatomy

Meredith & Derek

Status: Married!

As usual, nothing can be easy for MerDer, and the birth of their second kid was troubled by— oh, nothing much, just a superstorm, a power outage, and a whole slew of complications that threatened the lives of both McDreamy Jr. and Mama Meredith lives. It was nothing they couldn't handle, though, and everyone got to live. Yay!

Cristina & Owen

Status: Divorced but complicated!

They initially divorced mostly to help the gang's airplane lawsuit work in their favor, but then that pesky "he-wants-kids-and-she-doesn't" thing popped up and Yang decided to ditch Owen for his own good. And now that Yang's leaving the show, well, a reunion isn't looking particularly likely...

Callie & Arizona

Status: Married but complicated!

Oh boy. Where to start? After Callie had Arizona's leg amputated after the plane crash, Arizona couldn't bring herself to have the sexytimes with Callie... but she had no problem having the sexytimes with new doctor-lady Lauren. Stuck in the middle of the momma-drama? The wee baby Sofia. 

Arizona & Lauren

Status: It's complicated!

Lauren says she loves Arizona, but Arizona is all married and confused. Awkward.

Jo & Alex

Status: Almost together!

After a whole season of being OMG SO PERF, they finally smooched in the Season 9 finale. 

April & Matthew

Status: Engaged but complicated ("complicated" seems to be a theme on this show)

THEY'RE SO CUTE. But April just remembered that she loves Jackson. 

April & Jackson

Status: It's complicated!

She's engaged to Matthew the Paramedic, but she lost her virginity to Jackson. You know you don't have to wed the first one you bed, right, sweetie? Whatever. They're kind of adorbs, too. 

Jackson & Stephanie

Status: Booty call! And complicated!

He's just here for the sex, but she's here for something more. 

Bailey & Ben

Status: Married!

Their wedding was interrupted when Bailey rushed back to the hospital to perform emergency surgery on Adele Webber—but she returned to the ceremony afterward (as you do) and those two finally tied the knot. Congraaaaats!

Richard & Adele

Status: Over!

R.I.P., Adele! :(


Nick & Juliette

Status: Together! Mostly!

Juliette's amnesia has worn off. She knows about Grimms and Wesen. She's proven heself to not be entirely useless some of the time. Her future with Nick looks bright except for Nick being stuck in a container on the way to Europe to be tortured (probably) by the Royals.

Juliette & Captain Renard

Status: Over!

They shared a brief infatuation with each other after Renard cured Juliette's amnesia-coma-thing, but then Rosalee fixed 'em both and apparently they're over it.

Rosalee & Monroe

Status: Together!


Captain Renard & Adalind

Status: Over... but he might be her baby-daddy.

That was kind of a bad break-up, wasn't it? 

Eric Renard & Adalind

Status: It's complicated... and he might be her baby-daddy. 

She's manipulating him even though he's a psycho because she's a power-hungry witch, which in any other context would be an insult. She got her powers back at the end of Season 2 and he got Nick put in a box bound for the old country. I actually think these two could work, in a really awful way.


Emily & Aiden

Status: Over!

Emily found out that Aiden killed their shared mentor, Takeda, and told him to fall off a cliff. It didn't matter that Takeda had ulterior motives in training Emily and Aiden, all that mattered was that Aiden became someone she couldn't trust. And also, she kind of still loves Jack.

Emily & Daniel

Status: Engaged!

They're engaged again, but this relationship is still one-sided. Poor Daniel—he seems like a good guy!

Emily & Jack

Status: It's complicated!

They've loved each other they entire lives, but Emily's been lying to him about her real identity since she returned to the Hamptons. Jack finally learned the truth about who she really is in the final seconds of Season 2, but he's reeling over the deaths of his wife—the woman he thought was Amanda—and his little brother Declan. Dude's got a lot on his plate, so this ship is still out at sea for a bit.

Jack & Amanda

Status: Over!

R.I.P., Amanda. We won't really miss you (no offense), but your child might.

Declan & Charlotte

Status: Over!

R.I.P., Declan. We won't really miss you (no offense), but your unborn child might.

Ashley & Daniel

Status: Over!

Thank God. That was a mildly disgusting interlude.

Conrad & Victoria 

Status: It's complicated!

They're married again, but it's a sham. These two people couldn't love anyone but themselves, even if they really cared to try.

Nolan & Padma

Status: Over!

R.I.P., Padma. We won't really miss you.

Nolan & Fashion

Status: Together!

Always and forever.

Hart of Dixie

Zoe & Wade

Status: It's complicated!

Zoe went out on a limb when she asked Wade to be her "for real, out in public, everyone knows about actual boyfriend" knowing he didn't have the best reputation with women. Everything was going fine until Zoe made the mistake of telling Wade she believed in him when he wanted to open his own bar. This scared him, of course, so Wade sabotaged their relationship by cheating on Zoe. In the end, he told her he loved her in a picturesque setting (cue the fangirls), but Zoe hopped on a plane to New York for the summer instead of hopping back into bed with Wade.

Zoe & George

Status: Over!

I don't know if something can be over if it never really existed in the first place. But Zoe and George found happiness with other people this season, despite the fact that they both still have some feelings for each other.

George & Tansy

Status: Over!

Tansy could never really deal with Zoe being in George's life, especially when she knew both of them had unresolved feelings for each other. She asked George to move out of Bluebell with her to escape Zoe Hart's mystical thrall, but when George refused, she split town with Dolly Parton (her dog).

Lemon & Lavon

Status: Over!

You know the story: Girl is dating Guy, Girl gets engaged to Guy, Girl ends up cheating on Guy with a former NFL linebacker and the current town mayor. Mayor pines for Girl while Girl continues to flirt with Mayor but plan her wedding to Guy. Girl and Guy call off their wedding. Girl becomes campaign manager for Mayor and fights dirty with Mayor's new girlfriend. Whatever. It's a mess and Girl and Mayor never got together.

Lavon & Ruby

Status: Over!

These one-time high school sweethearts rekindled their romance when Ruby returned to town to take care of her grandfather, but it was only a matter of time before she was on to the next big adventure. Lavon was not that adventure.

Lavon & Annabeth

Status: Together!

Who knew these two would make such an adorable couple? After a few issues—mainly the fact that Annabeth is Lemon's best friend and Lemon still had a few hangups when it came to Lavon (see above)—things worked out and now they're the cutest couple in all of Bluebell.

Brick & Shelby

Status: Engaged!

This has been one weird relationship, but why fight love? After bailing on him before his surgery near the end of the season, Shelby realized she luvs Brick and the two decided to get married. Immediately. Last we saw them, they were hightailing it out of Bluebell to elope.

Zoe & Jonah

Status: Over!

This was never really a relationship, but that won't stop Jonah from trying. Too bad Zoe's not really buying what he's selling. It might have something to do with a very handsome bar owner with incredible biceps. Maybe.

Tom & Wanda

Status: Married!

After a typical Bluebell proposal that involved zombies and a musical number, these two adorable lovebirds tied the knot.

Pretty Little Liars

Hanna & Caleb

Status: Together!

There hasn't been much drama for these two lately in the relationship department. And that's a good thing. 

Spencer & Toby

Status: Together!

Toby's been living in a sad box of memories ever since finding out that his mom might've been murdered—as opposed to committing suicide, like he previously thought. He's been pulling away from Spencer, who's put in a minimal amount of effort to stop him from going full-on crazy. But they're still together, and that's what matters.

Emily & Paige

Status: Together!

Paige seems to be the only person on this show who's concerned about going away to/getting in to college, but at the same time, her idea that she can somehow also get Emily into Stanford is ridiculous. Oh well. They're still together (for now) and kind of adorable.

Aria & Ezra

Status: It's complicated!

They were together, but then he found out he had a kid and that basically ruined everything, because that's what children do. So Ezria broke up, and it turns out he didn't really have a kid because Baby Mama Alex Mack was a big fat liar. By this point, Aria was dating Jake, but Ezra needed Aria after the whole not-his-kid thing, and they kissed and Jake was lame, BUT NOW EZRA MIGHT BE A!? WTF?! But yeah, it's complicated.

Aria & Jake

Status: It's complicated!

It's not really clear where these two stand. But let's be real: Jake never really stood a chance in the battle of Ezra vs. Jake. At least he looks good in a cowboy hat.

Now go forth and vote! And feel free to make a case for your favorite couples in the comments.

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