'Shipping Wars: Who's the Best Couple on TV Right Now? (Heat 1: New Girl, The Big Bang Theory, Raising Hope, and How I Met Your Mother)

We've officially entered the dog days of summer TV; outside of a few upcoming premieres and the impending finales of some summer stragglers, there's little to look forward to other than the start of the fall season. But sometimes we have to look back before we can move forward, and so in hopes of providing a bit of a pre-season refresher, we've decided to revisit some of the shows and characters that've been absent from the airwaves since May through the filter of one of TV's most fun elements: luuuuuuuurve. (Okay and sex and the potential for it too, but mostly good ol' fashioned luuuuuuuurve.)

As such, it's time for a feature we're calling 'Shipping Wars, in which we'll be checking back in on our favorite TV couples and gossiping about where they ended, where we think they'll be going when their shows return, and, most importantly, where we want them to go. It's like when it's summer vacation in high school and you're really hoping that the golden couple will break up before the fall because you're bitter inside. You know, unless you're part of the golden couple. 

Anyway, we all know that one pair is always shinier than the rest, and that's where y'all come in. We're going to systematically work our way through our favorite on-hiatus duos, vote for our favorite one from each show, and then pit the winners against one another in a no-holds-barred free-for-all. Like Celebrity Deathmatch, but with less claymation because ain't nobody got time for that. 

We'll keep things light to start, with some comedic couples! Vote away, and if you want to make any nominations as to which shows/lovers should be featured in the next heat, leave 'em in the comments!

The Big Bang Theory

Leonard & Penny

Status: Together!

Holy crap, did we really get through an entire season of The Big Bang Theory without those two having a major relationship crisis? DEVIL MAGIC. 

Howard & Bernadette

Status: Married!

There was some hinting at a possible future Wolowitz-Rostenkowski bun in the oven; not sure if want. How about you?

Sheldon & Amy

Status: Together!

Sheldon acted like people in Season 6 and it was weird and wonderful. Amy stood up for herself a few times and it was weird and wonderful. So basically, Sheldon and Amy continued to be weird and wonderful (except for that spanking thing). 

Raj & Lucy

Status: Over!

Poor Raj. :(

How I Met Your Mother

Barney & Robin

Status: Engaged!

I'm sorry, did someone leave a bag of onions in here? I just... I just need a tissue or twelve.

Ted & The Mother

Status: Almost together!


Lily & Marshall

Status: Married!

And moving to Rome. Maybe. Idk. It looks like Marshall has some 'splainin to do.

New Girl

Jess & Dr. Sam

Status: Over!

Well, it was fun while it lasted.

Cece & Shevrang

Status: Over!

I mean, it's not like we didn't see it coming. He married Taylor Swift in the season finale.

Schmidt & Elizabeth

Status: It's Complicated!

Technically, they're still together and awesome in their own right, with Elizabeth refusing to take any of Schmidt's image-obsessed bullshit and reminding him of how awesome it was to run around with a broken give-a-damn... but not that Cece's available again, things could get messy, which brings us to...

Schmidt & Cece

Status: It's Complicated!

Cece dumped Schmidt when the timer on her babymaker started entering a premature final countdown because admittedly, Schmidt doesn't exactly scream "father of the year." There was sadness and pining from afar and a wedding-that-wasn't... and now she's single and he's the one who's taken. 

Winston & Shelby

Status: Over!

They had a pretty good run, but I guess that Halloween costume was just a bit too much.

Winston & Daisy

Status: It's Complicated!

While they aren't exactly "official" yet, Daisy has gone out of her way to help drag Winston out of his post-Shelby rut and generally, things are good between the two not-lovebirds-lovebirds. Except for that time Winston got lost on the way to a booty call, forgot a rubber, and then got lost again. Ominously, we haven't seen Daisy since that unfortunate incident. 

Nick & Angie

Status: Over!

Angie was really great for Nick... until she really wasn't. They had some good moments, but did they have any great ones? Were we sad to see her go?

Jess & Nick

Status: Together!

YESSSS. New Girl managed to drag out Nessy's issues for the entire second half of the season without making things feel dragged out, and when those two crazy kids finally got together for serious at Cece's not-a-wedding, the fireworks display was marvelous. 

Raising Hope

Jimmy & Sabrina

Status: Married!

And Hope makes three!

Burt & Virginia

Status: Married!

Okay, so the fact that way back when, Burt deliberately poked a hole in their rubber to knock Virginia up because he was worried she was going to dump him is, like, nine kinds of WTF and it kind of made me consider the possibility that their marriage is some sort of elaborate Stockholm Syndrome party, buuuuut they're also kind of dysfunctionally adorable if you don't think too hard about it.

Now vooooooote! We'll be back soon with Heat 2. 

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