Shooting Stars Interview: Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer

Legendary comedy duo Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer have been working together for two decades now and they're yet to lose their charm. After a successful Shooting Stars comeback last year the duo are returning (this Tuesday, at 9.30pm on BBC2) with another series of their surreal panel show. We caught up with the pair to see reminisce on the past and look to the future of the show… When the show started, back in 1995, did you ever imagine that you'd still be doing it 15 years down the line?
Vic Reeves: We never look much further than 10 minutes in our lives. It's nice to be working still though.

Bob Mortimer: We never imagined it at all. And this season will be without Matt Lucas
Bob: Yes, he's busy doing the new Die Hard film so he can't be here, that's just sadly how it worked out. But we've replaced him with Angelos and it's working out great. Angelos was involved last year too. The viewers really seem to have responded well to him.
Vic: He's an amazing guy.

Bob: He's such a sweet guy with such sweet skills. No, seriously, it's sad that Matt's not doing it but it's wonderful that someone can step in and sort of redesign that whole role. Angelos is very different from Matt but he makes it feel new and exciting. Do you think that Angelos could propel Dan Skinner into the mainstream comedy consciousness in the way that Baby George did for Matt Lucas?
Bob: Well it's a nice thought and he's very good so I don't see any reason why not. Now you guys have been working on TV together for about 20 years now…
Bob: We met 25 years ago, which is incredible, but we've been on the telly 20 years.

Vic: Yes, 20 years, almost to this very second we did The Big Night Out. We actually did, we did it in June 2- no hang on, 1919?

Bob: Who knows? It's been such a long time! Do you ever tire of working so closely with one another?
Vic: Oh terribly.

Bob: In the middle of the night when he hogs the duvet, he gets a bit…

Vic: I get a bit?

Bob: Oh, I don't know!

Vic: Well, Bob eats the peanuts out of the bird tables; it gets on my wick and drives me mad! Your kinship is central to the comedy you do, isn't it?
Vic: That's the first and foremost thing that we do, we make each other laugh and if that works then we do it to the audience. Have you noticed a change in the audience over the years?
Vic: Yes, they've got a lot younger! But we've got older actually; they've stayed the same age.

Bob: The last series of Shooting Stars seems to have hit a mark with young people. The BBC was incredibly pleased that loads of youngsters were watching in the audience, and on TV. Our warm-up man has asked a couple of times "How many students are here?" and it's been nearly the entire audience. The young ones these days like things that they call 'random', don't they? I suppose we fit into that bracket but it's a very nice thing, we've got very young audiences this season too. Talking of random, can we expect to see more of your Sunderland Film spoofs?
Bob: Yes we've kind of done some in this new series; there was that kind of spirit you know? They're not actually us because they're actually filmed by the makers of Big Top, but there are similar things. And how much stuff generally gets edited out before Shooting Stars is broadcast on BBC2?
Bob: They edit 100% of it.

Vic: It's not edited out for any unpleasant reason; it's just that we have to squeeze it all into half an hour. What we'd like to do is speed everything up but that's not allowed.

Bob: We film about an hour, so... So about 50% gets cut out?
Bob: Yes.

Vic: Yes, and all the outtakes we send to…

Bob: NASA What kind of guests can we expect this season?
Bob: There are some pop stars and people from EastEnders. Then there's James May, Alex Reid, Louie Spence and Kimberly Wyatt. If you could have anyone as a guest who would you pick?
Bob: The Royals!

Vic: We're not bothered which royalty, maybe the King of Norway?

Bob: The King of Norway is nice; he's a right randy man. We're not bothered really. Hollywood stars: Bruce Willis, Clint Eastwood, Hugo Monterra?

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