Show 101: Archer

SHOW: Archer


Yuuuuuup, it's back! Season 2 premieres Thursday, January 27 at 10pm on FX.


Archer is an office favorite here at because it moves at a blistering pace and its humor falls on the (extremely) naughty side of appropriate. An agent at the International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS), title character Sterling Archer is the world's greatest superspy. He's also super at nailing hot blondes, drinking, and avoiding anything that remotely resembles responsibility. His mother, eternally hot-in-the-nether-regions Malory Archer, is also the head of ISIS and his boss. His partner at the agency, the outspoken sexpot Lana Kane, is also his ex-girlfriend. Sometimes they all engage in dangerous espionage; sometimes they squabble over who spilled cake on the carpet.

To introduce you to (or refresh your memory of) this delightfully raunchy cartoon, we've compiled a character guide (below) and a handy dandy character relationship chart (belower).


Sterling Archer (Codename: Duchess)

ISIS Special Agent
Defining Characteristics: Wears $900 black turtlenecks. Likes fast cars and the company of prostitutes. Lives in the "Danger Zone," as he's
wont to say.
Voiced by: H. Jon Benjamin (Dr. Katz, Bob's Burgers)

Malory Archer

Director of ISIS
Defining characteristics: Sterling Archer's mother. Enjoys shrimp dishes and any liquid that comes in a glass and makes her light-headed. Is hell bent on destroying the life of co-op board member Trudy Beekman.
Voiced by: Jessica Walter (Arrested Development)

Lana Kane

ISIS Secret Agent
Defining characteristics: Has very large hands and a propensity for wearing mini dresses. Suffers from trust issues. Kick-ass rack.
Voiced by: Aisha Tyler (Talk Soup)

Cyril Figgis

ISIS Comptroller
Defining characteristics: Hopeless romantic, enjoys stir-fry. Easily persuaded into doing stupid things.
Voiced by: Chris Parnell (Saturday Night Live,
30 Rock)


Secretary to Malory Archer
Defining characteristics: Easily excitable. Enjoys asphyxiation at the hands of her lovers.
Voiced by: Judy Greer (Arrested Development, CBS' upcoming Mad Love)

Pam Poovey

ISIS Human Resources Director
Defining characteristics: Sometimes communicates via a dolphin puppet. Repeated victim of unrequited love. Lesbian.
Voiced by: Amber Nash


Sterling Archer's Lifelong Butler
Defining characteristics: Heroin user. Proven ability to withstand his Archer's verbal and physical abuse. Keeps lemurs. Lived through "The Great War."
Voiced by: George Coe (early SNL)


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