Show 101: Castle

PREMIERES: Season 3 premieres Wednesday, March 9 at 9pm on Alibi

WHY YOU MIGHT LIKE IT: Castle brings out the very best in its cast. As Richard Castle, Nathan Fillion can be his hysterical, one-eyebrow-raised-at-all-times self; as Kate Beckett, Stana Katic kicks ass, catches bad guys, and looks hot all the time; as Javier Esposito and Kevin Ryan, Jon Huertas and Seamus Dever have developed the most hilarious buddy-cop bromance on TV; and as Alexis Castle, 16-year-old Molly Quinn provides the show’s “mature” voice of reason. Plus, the URST between Castle and Beckett is mesmerizing, the shots of New York City are gorgeous, and each episode contains a Scooby Doo reference.

WHY YOU MIGHT HATE IT: If you hate Moonlighting, Bones, or any other cop show with witty banter and unrelenting sexual tension between the show’s main characters, you’d best not tune in. But trust me, you’d be missing out.

THE PREMISE: Richard Castle is a best-selling author who, way back in the series premiere, killed off the main character in his mystery novels and decided to create a new one. After a run-in with Detective Kate Beckett, he got permission from the mayor to tag along with Beckett and her team (Ryan and Esposito). Now Castle rides along as they all solve murders so he can base his next series of books on Beckett herself. Along the way, hijinks ensue, murderers get handcuffed, and sexual tension builds. It’s delightful.

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: While the first season focused on establishing the characters' backgrounds and making progress in the case of Beckett’s mother’s murder, the second season seemed to be all about the characters’ frustrating love lives—Castle had several flings, Beckett dated Detective Tom Demming (Michael Trucco), Castle’s mother Martha (Susan Sullivan) began a relationship with “Chet,” and Ryan showed off his girlfriend. When we last left the team, Beckett had broken up with Demming and was about to reveal to Castle that she had feelings for him, but rethought her plans when Castle arrived at the precinct with his ex-wife Gina on his arm. Ouch.

Will you be tuning in for Season 3?

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Mar 09, 2011
Great show, it's kept me entertained and waiting for the next episode! Great overview of the show too!

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