Show 101: Chuck

PREMIERES: Sunday, January 10, at 9pm on NBC

AIRS: Settles into its regular time slot on Monday, January 11, at 8pm

WHY YOU MIGHT LOVE IT: “Something for everyone” is a cliche, but how else do you describe a show that combines action, comedy, drama, and romance? Although the spy spoof never takes itself too seriously, it delivers in every genre with a whole lot of geeky charm. And don’t forget that eye candy cast, which includes sexy female spies, suave male agents, and plenty of URST.

WHY YOU MIGHT HATE IT: You're into hard-hitting drama a la The Wire, or just prefer your spies to exhibit a James Bond-level of competence.

GET CAUGHT UP: Chuck was just your average dweeb with a thankless job at the tech emporium Buy More. Then ex-pal Bryce sent him the Intersect, a computer program that filled his civilian brain with dangerous spy secrets. With agents Sarah and Casey at his side, our hero must use his knowledge to stop the baddies without bumbling the mission or getting himself killed. At the end of the last season, Chuck downloaded the Intersect 2.0, an upgrade that finally gave him the physical powers to match his mental prowess. That’s right—he knows Chuck-fu.

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