SHOW 101: Married Single Other

NOW SHOWING: Married Single Other airs on Mondays at 9pm on ITV1, from February 22.

WHY YOU MIGHT LOVE IT: It looks set to be one of ITV's best romantic comedies in years, with great actors and a touching script that will have you smiling from the start.

WHY YOU MIGHT HATE IT: If you're easily offended by soppy romanticisms than this six-part series may be a bit slush (and cliché) heavy.

THE PREMISE: Married Single Other follows three couples in their 30-somethings as they attempt to define what couple-dom means to them. Sound familiar? It's been described by many as the up-beat follow-up to Cold Feet, ITV's long-running romantic comedy from the 90s, an apparently-accurate comparison given the shows' similarities: Both share the same executive producer and director, the same broadcaster and the same general themes. Married Single Other also features a wealth of British talent, much in the same way that Cold Feet did.

Shaun Dooley (Red Riding) and Lucy Davis (The Office) play long-term partners Eddie and Lillie who, though happily co-habiting with two teenage children, have never married because of Lillie's "embarrassing hippie anti-marriage thing", as her son puts it. Their friends Babs (Amanda Abbington) and Dickie (Dean Lennox Kelly) are unhappily married and nearing the end of their relationship – not that Dickie knows this yet. Meanwhile, Eddie's brother, Clint (Ralf Little), is a playboy looking to settle down; and he's got his sights set on reluctant model Abbey (Miranda Raison).

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Generally, ITV struggles to produce dramas as popular as its competitors, and has done for a while: Whilst the BBC has the much-loved Doctor Who, and Channel 4 has original productions such as Misfits and Skins, ITV often limps behind in the ratings until reality season comes round again. This could be about to change: Though no show wants to start in the shadow of another, Married Single Other could be compared to much worse -- Cold Feet lasted five seasons, and won 15 awards, including a Bafta for best drama series in 2002.

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