Show's future in Housewives' hands

The TV hunk - who plays Susan's husband and Wisteria Lane plumber Mike Delfino - told E! news he would happily sign up to make a seventh season of the show, but it is up to leading ladies Teri Hatcher, Marcia Cross, Eva Longoria Parker and Felicity Huffman.

James said: "The women are the ones who have to sign up - whatever they slide across the table, I'll sign."

Felicity - newly pregnant Lynette in the drama - recently told a British newspaper: "I would like it if [Desperate Housewives] goes on for 10 years because it's a dream job."

James said: "Honestly, I say that jokingly, but I really am kind of curious, because it's almost time to start renegotiating with the women. And I really hope they all feel the same way as Felicity, because it is such a fun show.

"The women can all, of course, do whatever they want, career-wise, so we may not be able to keep them all, but we really don't have a show without them, so I'm glad she feels that way, because I think 10 is a nice number."

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Feb 11, 2010