Showtime Cancels The Borgias, Pretty Much as Expected

The televised reign of the Borgia family is coming to an end. Like, soon. Showtime has announced that period drama The Borgias will conclude after the end of the currently airing third season. That means the show's season finale, which is scheduled for June 16—just a week and a half away—will also serve as a series finale. 

There's already been talk of The Borgias ending anyway, so this news isn't surprising. But some of that talk was accompanied by more talk about a potential two-hour wrap-up movie that would tie up several stories creator Neil Jordan had already sketched out in his mind. That's not going to happen now, according to Deadline Hollywood. Word is, the cost of the movie was too much for Showtime, so fans will have to be content with the series ending with Season 3. Jordan, for his part, said the ideas he had probably weren't enough to fill an entire fourth season, and that he's satisfied with the Season 3 finale serving as a series finale.

But what would that two-hour movie have looked like? It sounds pretty badass, actually. Jordan told Deadline that he wanted Pope Alexander VI (Jeremy Irons) to burn in Hell, with the Pope unable to confess his sins for atonement. And to make it even more brutal, the person entrusted to listen to the Pope's sins and open the gates to Heaven was going to interrupt him and say something along the lines of, "Too late, jerk. Enjoy the weather in Hell." 

The Borgias has been nominated for 10 Emmys, and Season 3 has averaged 2.4 million viewers across all platforms. 

Will YOU miss The Borgias? Or is it time for the show to go?

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