Showtime Re-ups Weeds for Season 8

Given the nature of how Season 7 of Weeds gratuitously left us all hanging, it's not that surprising that it's now officially coming back for Season 8, lest crops of Weeds fans march on Showtime's headquarters and demand answers. The network announced the renewal today; the drug-dealing dramedy will be back for 13 more episodes. Though the show has long been rumored to be nearing its end, Showtime did not say anything about Season 8 being the series' last in today's press release.

The renewal means we'll get an answer to what happened at the conclusion of Season 7 when [spoilers ahead!] a gunman's sights danced around the Botwin clan's heads and came to a stop on Nancy's. The season finale cut to black after the sound of a gunshot. Obviously Nancy's brains ended up all over the place and Season 8 will be about Silas, Andy, and Shane fighting each other in a nasty battle to take over the drug business Nancy built up. Well, probably not.

I'll admit I stopped watching the show sometime in the middle of Season 3 when I thought it lost its way, but I've heard that last season was a bounceback year for the show. What's your take on the renewal news? Are you happy it's back or do you think all that's left is resin?

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