Showtime Renews Episodes for Season 3

Looks like we'll be getting a second season of hockey comedy Pucks! The show-within-a-show will be back, as will the show it lives within, Episodes. Showtime renewed the Matt LeBlanc comedy today and will begin production on the nine-episode third season next year.

Episodes stars LeBlanc as a dopier version of himself starring in a television show that's being adapted for America from its British original. At the center are the couple (Stephen Mangan, Tamsin Greg) that created the British original as Hollywood tears into their souls and makes them do things like have sex with starlets!

Most of what I've seen of Episodes has been inconsistent, and I haven't kept tabs on it very closely. But I'm open to suggestion if you guys think otherwise. Should I watch Season 2? Decide my fate in the comments below, but if you make me watch it and I hate it, I will come after each and every one of you.

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