Showtime Renews Homeland for Season 3

After last night's shocking SHOCKING I TELL YOU events on Homeland, the question was, "Where does the show go from here?" Well, at least 20 more episodes. Showtime has renewed the series for a 12-episode third season just four episodes into its sophomore run.

You want some impressive stats and numbers? Okay, last night's episode was the highest-rated episode of the series thus far, pulling in 1.75 million viewers for its first airing and topping the previous mark (1.73 million) set by the Season 2 premiere. And then there was also that impressive Emmys sweep.

But the hot topic today is how Homeland will be able to sustain the slingshot pacing of Season 2. Clearly Homeland is on a trajectory that we can't predict, and some big shakeups could be in the works. Can the series move forward without one of its leads (Claire Danes and Damian Lewis) in the picture, despite our belief that the series hinges on the two characters and their relationship? It looks like we get to find out next year. And more importantly, how will Xander react to being dumped for the Veep's kid?

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