Simpsons rolls out guest list

Celebrities haven't truly made it until they've lost a few fingers and had their skin turned yellow. No, it isn't the latest procedure to keep aging starlets looking sharp on Wisteria Lane or a new Scientology initiation.

A guest appearance on The Simpsons has become the equivalent of hosting Saturday Night Live during that show's glory years, and Fox has unveiled the lucky celebs who will be visiting Springfield this upcoming season.

In the premiere episode "He Loves to Fly and He D'ohs," airing September 23, Homer will fly in Montgomery Burns' private jet with singing sensation Lionel Richie. Eager to have a plane of his own, Homer then employs a life coach (played by Stephen Colbert) to help him get on the right track to afford one.

Further into the season, the list of guest stars includes Steve Buscemi as a bank robber, Jack Black as a comic-book store owner, Kelsey Grammer reprising his role as Sideshow Bob, and Grammer's Frasier castmates David Hyde Pierce and John Mahoney as Bob's family.

Jon Stewart, Maya Rudolph, Dan Rather, Kurt Loder, Placido Domingo, Weird Al Yankovic, Matt Dillon, Beverly D'Angelo, and Topher Grace will also be featured in the next season.

Don't forget, The Simpsons Movie hits theaters July 27. For more information on the television show, read's previous coverage.

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